The night before

I don’t know where the time went, I’ve downloaded tonnes of stuff but I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of it other than the most recent Yu-Gi-Oh movie.

It’s easy to spend the entire day in my bedroom now. There’s no reason to leave.

I predict things will start getting exciting soon.

There’s a wrestling show I want to attend on Thursday but it won’t be possible due to work commitments.

Bought a cool Zelda case for my 3DS.

My credit rating took a big hit due to the new credit cards I applied for.

Ate quite a bit, I’d like to believe 2000 calories.


The wall is approaching, bitch

The woman at work who sits next to me now asked if I was going out for drinks later, I said “probably not”, guy who sits behind asked if I wanted McDonalds, I just said “nope”. Both rude responses, should have thanked them for asking. I wouldn’t want to go for drinks though since I don’t want to be anywhere near Stacy. She said “good morning” to me as we crossed paths in the morning, I ignored her. It’s amazing how we’ve sat opposite each other for 4+ months and I’ve not said a word to her this entire year.  I think she knows I hate her, it shows on my face and her friend, our manager, must have told her.

Went on early lunch since I forgot to bring a water bottle. I think the woman sitting next to me was going to invite me out to get burritos with the rest of the team, she asked where I was.

I’ve now been working on the “urgent” queue for 2 weeks, it’s the most important one and I’ve done a great job with it, even challenging myself by taking on the trickier queries and those assigned to other people.

I overheard some conversations between my manager and my former manager (now the head of the call centre), he’s not happy with how Stacy has handled the new queue, my current manager is trying to cover her but it didn’t seem like it was working. Worst case, they’ll just put another person on there with her, best case, they replace her since her stats are trash and she’s clearly the problem. Ultimately, I’m certain she’ll be fired soon.  It’s written in the stars.

Getting a sim only contract like an adult.

Bought a chest of drawers and nice Zelda case for my 3DS.

Hit rank 3 on Hearthstone.

Not as bad as I thought

I got into work 50 minutes early so I could set up on the computer belonging to the guy who left. I moved stuff around a bit and it ended up not working (“no signal”). I retuned defeated to my existing desk. Fortunately the woman sitting next to me had gracefully decided to forgive and forget. Had minor conversation about food.

Guy at work asked if I was going to get drinks tomorrow. I fumbled with my words, thought he meant today and eventually realised it was tomorrow.

My manager provided me feedback on one of the two jobs I applied to. I didn’t pick up any spelling mistakes on the first part of the assessment so scored poorly. I did well on the essay portion. She’s nice, the problem is that she’s nicer to some people. She let me know regarding the second job that interviews will be the week after next and explained that she was telling me this now so I didn’t freak out when the customer support people did the first stage of the assessment next week.

My phone died so limited Hearthstone during lunch and went back to work early as nothing else to do.

The team coach (deputy manager), sent out an email a few days ago about sending holding responses, I noticed she answered an email without doing this so I took a screenshot and edited a smug anime girl on top. She thought it was funny though she asked me to explain it, she went on to show it to other people. I suppose I did it because I wanted to make a point in a funny way that the person receiving the message would enjoy.

Got a call from Thinking Ahead, asked how I’d been since counselling. I said I couldn’t really talk and that I’m still alive.

Fucked up a refund again and had to go to the finance guy to reverse it. He knew me name, not sure how to feel about this.

Got my new bank card though the account hasn’t been switched over yet. New sim hasn’t activated yet either, extremely poor trust pilot score.

Watched 5 episodes of South Park when I got home.


It’s happening again

Now that the woman I sit next to has left, another woman has filled her seat (she’s been on the team for over a year, just wanted to move), similar age, been here for over 6 years in total. She’s nice. Will engage me in conversation rarely. Today was the day we’d be learning who got the internal promotion (or at least who didn’t).

The new woman sitting next to me became upset very quickly into the day. I overheard some whispers and it sounded like she found out she didn’t get the job. Talk of quitting.

We got Carabao energy drinks as a work perk. OK stuff.

I got to work on the urgent queue again, I really wonder what my manger is thinking. There has to be some process behind her actions. Is she trying to give me more responsibility? Is she giving me something easy to placate me? Does she see I’m lazy AF and I’ll do bare minimum unless there’s some urgency?

During the afternoon the woman sitting next to me fell into a foul mood, she had been told to go through the oldest emails. She found an email belonging to the quirky guy that he hadn’t responded to, she started ranting, calling him lazy and asking me to summon him here via IM. I did so, she then had a bit of a go at him in person. Once he left, I IM’d him. Said she was in a bad mood due to not getting the job. He then apparently mouthed off to the people he sits with, one of the guys game down and started talking to her, showed sympathy. She got angry and went up to the quirky guy. I ran away since I knew how this was going to play out. I cam back and she then told me – can’t actually remember the exact words, just that I should tell quirky guy stuff because he’s got a big mouth. Argued a little, nothing serious, just said I thought she was mean to him and that I would have just picked up the email instead of assigning it back. I did admit I was wrong to have said what I did but I forgot to say “sorry”.

We didn’t talk for the rest of the day, she moved away from me to talk to others so I was out of earshot, she recruited help from those further away when I could have assisted. I’ll be moving desks tomorrow. The guy who trained me has left so that opens up a spot on the desk with the quirky guy. Already imagining various scenarios. Wonder if anyone will actually care?

There was another card to sign for the guy who is leaving. I left the longest message. Stacy was in charge of his card and the collection. I didn’t give any money, partly because I didn’t want to give it to her and partly because I didn’t have change for a £10.00. It was awkward when we all gathered around him to give the gift and wish him well. I left first, I had nothing to say, I sweated. I made awkward eye contact with many people.

The guy who is leaving is having “leaving drinks” on Friday. Could be the “social” thing that I do for my probation assignment, though I think the wording was “get involved with something”.

I caused a little mischief. Played Hearthstone.


Why can’t I do more?

I made one trip outside, to the probation office. My case work has emergency leave so I’m not sure if I’ll see him again. Got a woman I had a replacement appointment with before. Made some jokes, she and the other women here are easy to talk to. It was yet another “tell me about yourself” session. Got sympathy, described myself as a troll who had problems controlling my emotions and was an attention seeker due to my social isolation. She asked about my hobbies and then joked “how about stuff with other people?”. As usual my lack of eye contact was touched on, she tried to boost my self esteem by calling me “more the intelligent type”.

She set me a challenge (with my consent), I’m to join a club/do some kind of social activity by our next appointment. Can’t remember the exact wording. I was into it, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but didn’t have strong enough motivation.

At home I ate terribly, cereal, 6+ packets of crisps and a few chocolates.

Watched Thor: Ragnarok, the last 30 minutes were OK. Thought the rest kinda sucked, the set design looked cheap and Thor was nothing like his character from the source material (or even previous films), too comedic and modern.

I don’t know where the rest of the day went. Watched WWE, red Kaiji and played Hearthstone.


The herd thins

I missed breakfast, I was busy setting my mums new phone (gave her my old one). Could call it an extra Mothers Day gift. Made sure to delete all my data.

I also forgot to take my wallet to work, so no lunch either. The woman I sit with at work is now leaving, going on maternity leave for a month. Everyone in the department signed a card, after I wrote me message “Enjoy your 1 year (12 months/365 days) off with your two little ones, you’re awesome”, I realised I forgot to sign it. Others laughed, they said “you didn’t sign it, you just wrote nice things”.

Helped Muslim woman a bit with work and talked to the woman sitting next to me a bit.

I was greatly annoyed to see Stacy leave her desk for 40 minutes (not part of her hour long lunch) to go buy a leaving gift for the woman leaving. She was also in charge of the collection for some reason, I’m glad I had a reason not to drop any money her way. Also sent out emails to everyone in the department, as if she was someone who mattered. At the end of the day she was also social with our manager. Game obviously rigged.

The stinger came at the end of the day. Leaving woman said to Stacy “I hope you get off the new queue soon”, as if she isn’t loving every second of it and hasn’t already gained goodwill/experience to cash in at a later point. Probably happy to stay on it forever since it keeps her away from real work, she’s literally doing the same thing over and over. What she said next was worse “you are the best person for the job”. I’m sure people have been talking and that barb was directed at me.

At home I finally ate. Watched WWE Fastlane.

No appetite, awesome!

Forgot to cancel my PS NOW sub, got charged.

I’ll be back into my Bitcoin wallet soon, expecting to find a healthy balance. I’m sure I had a few quid before the boom.

Fucked up part of operation EXPOSE: Stacy but I learned she has another enemy. Currently among the peasant class but clearly another upcoming “chosen one”, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I suppose.

Fantasies of befriending the above and some wrestling fans I’ve overheard in the break room a few times.


Action: Pass

Another chilled out weekend at work. Killed my target with 3 hours to spare, played some Hearthstone at my desk – hit rank 4. I had some interactions with the elderly Muslim woman, she reminded me it was Mothers Day. I ended up buying tickets to Hairspray the musical. My mother is excited about going to a theatre for the first time.

I got to error log Stacy again, turns out this perfectly above board plot is the one that’s working. The best part is that if I’m ever asked why I keep error logging the same person I can explain, “I couldn’t do the new queue because I make too many errors so I’m making a point by highlighting Stacys”.

At home I downloaded the latest season of South Park, all the superhero flicks I missed from the last couple of years and some SNL.

There was one suspicious event at work. A guy turned up for a minute to pick up his phone charger. I then spotted him an hour later walking around the vicinity of the office.

Another issue of NEO arrived, haven’t even read the previous one.