Need a distraction or twelve

My new mattress arrived, I set it up and went out to get a mattress protector and pillow protectors. Tonights sleep is going to be highly comfy.

Spent another £100 or so today. Bought a beanbag chair for my room that I’ll use instead of sitting on my bed. Got another poster (One Piece) and a One Piece hoodie that I can wear in public since it isn’t obviously related to any media. Got a 12 month subscription to NEO magazine too. I realise I may have a problem spending, not sure why, I should have enough to keep me entertained. The current purchases were half impulse buys, the other half are to brighten up my room.

Started playing Akiba’s Trip, it’s unlike other vidya, it’s NEET/weeb pandering shit with English voice acting. Started South Park SoT too, it shoupod be enjoyable, looks just like the show.

My mischievous plot doesn’t seen to be having an immediate payoff. I’ll skip tomorrow and see if anything has developed tomorrow. Worst case scenario, people start talking.

Ate two burger meals. No room for fajitas.


Prepping comfy for me and madness for my enemies

My new bed arrived. I spent most of the day assembling it. It’s nice and I did a fair job of it. Finished Deus Ex, no desire to platinum. Story was underwhelming, didn’t feel like a sequel, more like one of those interim type deals that get released on handhelds.

I’ll play Akiba’s Beat next. Weebshit is always reliable.

More mischief was achieved, that bitch is gonna be driven insane before I even get off my holidays. It’s going to hilarious watching her completely collapse mentally, just as I did. The cherry on top will be the confusion of management. Checking my work email I also noted that work offered double time yesterday due to me being off. I wonder if I can bring the whole thing down.

Nothing else happened.

The full normie experience

My first act of the day was a lie. I contacted my workplace to let them know that I wouldn’t be in today, claimed a migraine. I’ve got a week off so it’ll be a while before I need to justify myself. Before letting them know I checked the rota and noted with my absense there will only be one person it. Serves management right for having more people in on certain shift patterns and I’m also annoyed the new girl doesn’t work Saturdays and gets shift slides simply by asking.

Once I’d prepared myself mentally, I set out to my towns stadium to collect my ticket for the football game. Unfortunately, despite using a map and wondering around for an hour, I failed to find the place, I even somehow managed to go around in a circle. I returned home devastated and depressed. I felt like I should have just gone to work. I vented on 4chan put despite being put down further, I found strong support and renewed motivation to try finding the stadium again to attend the game.

I showered the sweat and shame away. Changed my clothes and an hour before the game I headed out. Far easier this time as there were literal hordes of people also walking to the venue. A few loners too. Collecting my ticket was just ad stressful as I’d imagined. I didn’t know where the ticket office was, a steward noticed I was lost and redirected me. I then got moved to another point. There was awkwardness as I forgot what letter my surname began with. I them got redirected again as they “had an issue with surnames beginning with the same letter as mine”. I eventually got my ticket (it had apparently been marked back and I had to show my conformation).

More embarrassment at the turnstile, didn’t realise there was a man on my left I had to hand my ticket to. With all the anxiety, I didn’t have the confidence to buy a match day program. I found my seat easily but I did have to wait for the stewards to let me pass the tunnel area. I sat next to an old man, I then moved over oner seat so his friend could sit next to him, and then again when another friend arrived. I was thanked, I said it was nothing. Everyone, even this guy on crutches was standing before the match but once it was kick off we sat down. The banter I overheard was far superior to TV commentary, I laughed whenever someone was hurt or attacked and the whole experience of the game was so much more exciting live. 

Such a rollercoaster of emotion I haven’t felt for months, I laughed at tackles, jumped for joy when we scored, grimaced every time the opposition came close to scoring, felt crushed when we went behind but felt extreme euphoria once we got the injury time equaliser. My celebrations need work, I get up, shout but I need to stay stood up longer. I got called a good luck charm by one of the old men.

Great experience, I bought a half and half scarf for £5 as a souvenir on my way out (it was also cold). I plan on going to more games, maybe even the replay.

It was dark on the way back and a man called me “sweetheart”.

Going to cause mischief on a larger scale tomorrow.

Will probably finish with Deus Ex in 2 days. Akiba’s Beat next.

I spent £30 on Pokemon plusher (Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, Meowth, Cyndaquil). Just a different way to brighten up my room. Thinking of buying some red paint and writing kanji all over the walls.

Playing a risky game

Back to work today, hit my target, barely. Had some light conversation with the coworkers who were in. I’m full blown normie now, I think, I’m perhaps more vocal than anyone else, could be due to my stronger desire to communicate.

Watched WWE for a while.

I’ve made some system changes, not entirely sure if they can be traced back to me. From what I can tell, after a short period of time, it won’t be. Also investigated my managers claim that I made more errors than anyone, she’s a lying bitch, the new girl made 5+ last month alone. My capabilities to fuck everyone over have increased now.

I’ve resolved to pull a sicky tomorrow and attend the football game.

Ate a tonne of Toffife at home, mum got me a gift for the circus trip.

Played some more Deus Ex.

A month in a day

I managed to drop near £900 today. £400 went towards my new course of laser sessions and £500 went on a mattress, bed and pillows. They were all necessary, I obviously need laser to make my life more liveable and the bed stuff since what I have is old. Since I spent half my life sleeping, an expensive mattress is a smart purchase.

The laser session was good, I’ve seen hair reduction since we switched settings. Only observations were that the majority of customers were pakis and that my appointments still never start on time.

Got a Toblerone for the trip home.

Collected my Pokemon poster from the post depot. Afterwards I attended my appointment at the probation place. Apparently I’ve not received two letters in the post, one arranging an appointment and the other a warning for missing it. My case worker asked if my parents could have opened them. The rota I scribbled on a piece of paper was insufficient so I will need to email across the spreadsheet that shows the entire rota for everyone in my department.

An interesting development, apparently my Scottish sentence has no meaning/equivalent in England so my case worker is going to send it back to court and get it transferred to something else (based on his recommendation). I’ll need to attend the court date. I was told not to worry.

Played some more Deus Ex.

If only this was 20 years ago

I went to the circus with my parents, a first for all of us. We all seemed to enjoy ourselves. I liked the clown who appeared between the main acts. I wasn’t overly impressed but I’ve never seen tightwire tricks, rope tricks, some laser stuff and a bunch of stuff with props I can describe. The climax with the motorcycles at the end was underwhelming. The attractive dancers triggered my dysphoria.

There was a high amount of arguing before the show. 

At home I ate pizza and played Deus Ex. Halfway through.

Finished another bottle of Coke Zero.

I’m feeling incredibly ugly. I definitely need FFS and some dental work.

Considering buying a 12″ Sonic statue.

Spent much of the day fantasising about quitting my job. Might be better to just slack off until I get fired.

and they called ME insane

Mostly played Deus Ex today. A little Super Mario Odyssey too.

I hit the library again, pulling the strings on my master plan. It’s a real slow burner, what makes it slower is that I’m relying on a chain reaction to get the most out of it. Worst case scenario, I at least get to make one persons life more difficult.

Going to the circus with my parents tomorrow.

Ate cereal and spag bol.

Read some pleasant news before bed. Pretty cool to know sometimes the victim gets their revenge.