Decided to start a blog, so I have “something” to show for my waste of a life.

Woke up today at 10.30am and masturbated while thinking of my former flatmates castrating me and forcing me to be their sissy maid.

Showered an brushed my teeth, noticed one of my flatmates cleaned up the bathroom, its been a while, we do not speak at all so she will never push me to pick do more, although I believe I do my fair share. I listened carefully, waiting for her to leave the hallway before leaving the bathroom and going back to me bedroom.

Breakfast was Weetabix and water.

Shitposted on /sp/ and /r9k/ for a bit, got banned on /sp/ because I posted again about how my copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby has still not arrived in the post. My theory is that it has arrived but it is sitting in the letterbox, living in these flats though, the letterbox is locked, I do not have a key and must wait for my roommate to check it and remove the package. It has been 13 days since I ordered the game.

I was really looking forward to playing the game during my timeoff last week but it looks like this, my final semester, is going to be very busy but regardless of the amount of effort I put in I doubt I will get a good grade, I think I may have failed an exam in January.

My plans today were

  • to apply to one grad scheme, hopefully I can copy and paste most stuff
  • Do one item of tutorial work

I accomplished neither of them.

I did watch Birdman today, I thought it was okay, the vague twist style ending was shit. Also today I masturbated again and shaved.

Both my roommates left midday so I had the place to myself, I was able to eat then so I would not have to go to the kitchen when they came back, had a microwaved grilled cheese sandwich.

Both my roommates came back at around six, the female bought a friend of her, I think this was the first time in 5 months she ever bought a friend back. I stayed in my room while she was around, her presence though did not offend me as much as when my male roommate brings his friends over, girls giggling is just so much more pleasant to the ears than those assholes ruckus. I did have to resort to using a pissjug again, though I felt no resentment towards them, perhaps because using a pissjug has become normal for me now.

They both went out and returned at ten o’clock, her friend showered here, I think they may be lesbians. This aroused me even though I do not find my female flatmate attractive, she is too chubby for me.

By eleven o’clock, they were in the kitchen talking with my other roommate for some reason, isn’t it a little late to be having a chat? Why did he even come out of his room to talk to them? Why did he care about getting to know our roommates friend who he will likely never see again? They continued their chat for half an hour minutes, there seemed to be some silence but none of them took it a sign to end the conversation and go back to their rooms, they just continued to wait for the next individual to share a shitty story and then laugh like goons.

I am a little annoyed by this as a I was planning on maybe heating up some milk to have with my cookies.


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