Friday Austism

My female roommates friend stayed over last night, robbing me of my right to brush me teeth before sleeping. Listening in on their conversations last night I finally found out what my female roommates name is.

Had a weird dream, I was watching non existent first season episodes of The Simpsons with my male roommate on his laptop, in my room.

Last night I also took an online autism test, needless to say I “passed” with flying colours, but what now? Do I use my autism as a scapegoat for why everything sucks in my life and I have no power to better my situation? Is that actually the case?

I think the reason some people at uni are so friendly towards me is because my autism is so obvious, they take pity on me, they even treat me like a child sometimes and completely overlook my strangeness.

Woke up after ten, showered, breakfast, opened up my laptop, pokemon has still not arrived.

Went out at 2pm for groceries, notice the letterbox flap was open, made me think it was full and my game had arrived. Went to Asda, bought potatoes coleslaw, toothpaste, frozen pizzas and cereal. My backpack was not large enough to carry everything so I had to carry one of the boxes of cereal in my hand back home. I wasn’t very embarrassed, I did sweat but only a little.

When I got back I couldn’t stop thinking of the possibility that my game had arrived, so I consulted r9k, who advised me to just ask me roommate for the key, I was feeling very brave, must be the thought of guaranteed gains. I went to my roommates room, knocked and asked if I could have the key, after I knocked he told me to come in, I pushed the door and could see his messy room. We went down to check the letterbox together even though he had told me he had already checked this morning, it was empty, I was embarrassed and tried explaining what I was waiting for and why I thought it had arrived, I think I just sounded weird and accusatory.

I sped back to my room and played some YGOpro for several hours. My female roommate returned and brought her friend from yesterday back with her, they sat in the living room watching television. I needed to urinate again so I went to the pissjug, it was beginning to stink, I felt yesterday I had been too loud so I stuck some tissue paper in their to quieten the sound of the stream hitting the bottle and trickling down, this did not help very much, I suspect they heard me, I am hoping they think it was the pipes or upstairs neighbours.

For entertainment, I am watching Mike Tyson Mysteries, I like Mike Tyson & Jim Rash but English language comedy shows are more about being able to relax. I also watched JoJo today, I used to love anime, but I have not been able to get into anything non shounen for almost a year now.

My female roommates friend stayed over today again, I could not brush my teeth again, she also used the shower, although I am a reformed character, I would have liked to have been able to see how she looked, she had a nice accent, I think it was American.


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