Pokemon arrived today, it was sealed, ridiculous that it took 2 whole weeks to arrive, I sold a game recently, dispatched it the following day and it arrived the day after. Not happy about this, I will still leave positive feedback since I got it at a good price and I did receive the item afterall.

The rest of my dad was rather uneventful, I played the game for 4 hours, I did not enjoy it at all, probably because I nuzloked it on emulators over the years, I was also struggling to take in the dialogue due to my autism. My roomates left for a good portion of the day and I had the place to myself, I cleaned my bedroom, the bathroom, reset the router to get around a ban and had dinner.

My male roommate came back with a friend but he did not stay long, their laughing was annoying as usual but I was not afraid to use the toilet today, not sure why.

Manchester City dropped points in the league again, this disappointed me, I don’t know why but I love MCFC, when they do well it makes me happy, I also enjoy posted and reading /epl/ and various other threads of /sp/, it feels like having friends, to be honest though it hasn’t really improved me conversation skills, there are many off topic chats that I do not have anything to contribute to.

My younger sister called me today, asking how to watch downloaded films on the television, I really wish she would learn to do these things by herself, its healthier, develop research skills, I am worried she will become an autist like myself.

Nothing was accomplished today in terms of uni work and grad schemes, I will stay up until 1am watching Football highlights with /sp/, I may also cook myself a frozen pizza.



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