Normie Time

Last night as I was watching the highlights show, I went to prepare myself a frozen pizza, as I was collecting the pie, my roommate came out his room and into the kitchen, for the purpose of interacting with me, or so I assume.

Normally this would throw me but considering our exchange the previous day, this was expected, he would open asking about the game and I would respond with the opening paragraph of yesterdays blog. Things did get worse from that point but I am glad the conversation kept on moving, I gave my opinion on the game, I hated it, the reasons I hated it, vidya in general and his job search. As usual I felt rushed, I could not think clearly or fast enough to give quality responses or show my true power level but I am fairly proud of what I accomplished. Another issue I have though is that I always wear the same clothes while relaxing at home, I hope that doesn’t give him a bad impression of myself. I really hope I can become friends with this guy, I don’t meet a lot of people, this is the first time in ever that I have met someone who even likes anime.

Woke up at 11am today, have uni tomorrow, only one lecture and it is in the middle of the day, I will likely just play some more pokemon today even though I am not crazy about it, this thought proved be correct as I spent around 9 hours playing the game today while watching a couple of films in the background.

Watching Gone Girl, I wondered what I would have to do to get a gf if even Chad was willing to eat her out, then I thought about what I would even do with one, the social interaction would not be for me, I really am more comfortable being alone, I need to fix this problem before I can chase the notion of a gf or even friends.

My male roommate had friends come over at around 2pm, they stayed and played some form of tabletop rpg for near 9 hours, I did not eat anything today other than breakfast. This was reason enough to make me upset but what further agitated me was the sound of their chatter and laughter, I know some of that laughter was directed towards me, I was brave enough to use the toilet again today but when I returned to my room I heard references to me and a joke involving taking me to the “pokecentre”, I hate the guy who made that joke, I heard him make another joke once before, I sort of confronted him the first time, his eyes welled up with fear, he is certainly a beta.

Also had a realisation about my roommate, just like the girl from last year, he is only nice to me because he has to be, he is scum just like the rest of them, why can he not go to one of his friends houses to play these games for once?

Still though I wish they would invite me to play, I even watched Spoony do a few reviews and commentaries on D&D, not exactly to prepare, but maybe understand them better. Ran through a few scenarios in my head, where I would need to go into the living room for some reason, I would take a peak at one of their character sheets and then drop a comment, they will be intrigued or impressed and invite me to join.

Another little confession, I am thinking of buying a starter set or book and when I go home, telling my mother that it was a gift from my roommate, that we had fun playing together ever, maybe then whip up a game with my brother, younger sisters and cousin if he visits during the holidays. Sometimes if I keep repeating lies, I start to believe them because everyone around me believes them.


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