Nothing happened today, nothing was felt, woke up very early to attend my sole lecture of the day, I did not speak to anyone, no one spoke to me, I say by myself and went home 1 and a half hours later.

Doing tutorial work right now and looking forward to streaming a football match and watching highlights tonight. I only got into football around 3 years ago, towards the end of my gambling problem (I ended in the red by £500 after initially being up by £200, Martingale and low risk, low reward gambles blew up in my face). Gambling seemed like easy money but I probably did it for the excitement, there was nothing I wanted to purchase, there is still not physical item that I am lusting after. The team that I “support” is the team that set of the chain of events leading to my first flurry of losses.

Only been eating 2 meals a day for a short while now, I think it might be depression or anxiety that I have lost my appetite. I am not looking forward to the end of my current lifestyle.


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