From 11am to at least midnight I am guessing, all I would have done today is sit in front of my laptop. I don’t even know what I have done today, barely any time has been spent reading or watching stuff, significantly more time was spent posting in threads.

I binged a little, I ate Tortilla Chips with dip, felt like crap afterwards, like always, I am skinnyfat but in pretty poor health, too late to learn to cook, need to go shopping tomorrow, will buy frozen pizzas and potatoes.

Went to the pissjug again, not because of my roommates had friends over but because the bathroom was in use and I couldn’t hold it, it is pathetic, arguably worse.

Downloaded some femdom videos last night, masturbated, wasn’t great, been thinking of making the move to regular porn for a while now, might be a good starting point in the journey to sort or my sexual issues.


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