Free Vidya

Roommate brought friends over today, one girl who I am not sure if he is fucking or just orbiting and one guy, I really hate the guy, he made snide comment about the first and really only time I encountered him. They watch stuff on the television, I think it may have been anime, definitely were watching YuGiOh Abridged, my bedroom wall is against the television and the speakers but their fake laughs are what get me. Also trying to work on my coursework, its only 1500 words, simple topic, “advantages & disadvantages of X” but it’s so difficult to take in what I am reading with these distractions.

I have been planning on doing this for a while just to spite the guy but if anyone wants to request any blurays or vidya, I am going to lift some shit from this guys ridiculously large collection that my rent pays for, rent is £480 plus bills and I had to contribute towards the TV licence, it burns me up inside, the profit I made off my work placement last year doesn’t even cover this academic years rent. He has all the consoles, less likely to notice non current gen shit missing but still ask, will catalogue next Saturday since it seems everyone leaves for a few hours during afternoons on that day, DVDs and BDs of the types of genres you would expect of a 30 year old man who collects anime figurines

Pissjug is getting too full, discard when another empty milk jug becomes available.

Did not go grocery shopping today, will have to do it tomorrow.

Still doing this thing where I talk to myself, it is not a conversation, I just whisper certain things aloud, I say things but it really is usually the same thing, I can’t help it,.


6 thoughts on “Free Vidya

    • Agreed. That’ll just get you into a bunch of completely unnecessary nonsense which will further deteriorate the already non-existent relationship you have with him.


      • Not sure if I care about being friends with this guy anymore, he never invited me to do stuff with him like he does with his actual friends.

        All the times he was “nice” to me where just social obligations, we live together so had to try to make small talk, make sure I wasn’t dangerous and invite me along when he was going to have a large party in the flat and all the times he was “nice” to me are outweighed by all the times he was inconsiderate to my feelings, letting his friend make fun of me, having loud social gatherings on Sunday nights when I need to sleep or study and watching films with volume too high.


    • Right and wrong is context dependant, he has wronged me and I am taking the pound of flesh that I am owed.

      He will likely assume that he just misplaced it, he can’t prove anything.


      • Both, live in landlord.

        He just finished his ph.d, has a mortgage on the place, not sure what the background on that is considering his age and employment at the university was only temporary while completing his ph.d, currently NEET.


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