Saw her today

Arrived on campus, walked into a building to access computer labs but seconds after entering I noticed her sitting behind a desk in the reception.

She is part of the Student Union PR team, she was sitting behind a desk with a pretty good looking guy, looking very bored though, elbow on the table, she was resting her head in her hand, it was a stark contrast to when I had seen her previously conducting Student Union duties, maybe he didn’t shower her with attention like the orbiters I had previously seen her with or maybe my actions have taken her innocence. I did not get a chance to take much more in before turning right back around and walking through an exit door adjacent to the one I used to enter the building, I doubt she noticed unless she noticed me before I noticed her and then chose to look away.

It was a real rush seeing her again. I am wondering if there is any route at all I can take where this works out the way I want it to. The day progressed and I am surprisingly not very hung up on her thought if it were possible I would love to know how she was.

I saw some NBA thing on kickass torrents, yesterday, thought I might as well check it out, turns out it was a wise decision as the guy on my course who talks to me sometimes had also seen it, it was nice to be able to carry a conversation for a bit although I was compelled to be contrarian about it claiming the winning dunk was not that great. He claimed he could dunk a basketball which is pretty cool. I should have also watched Better Call Saul, even though I am not particularly interested in it, he is watching it and it would be something to discuss if we are forced to sit in proximity to each other again.

Had another interaction with him later in the day, did not go well, did not know how to react, it confuses me why I he keeps speaking to me, it is my own fault though for not getting to the classes early enough. He is Polish and he spoke, in Polish, to the Polish girl in our class, he has a gf so he still maintains the image of a Chad in my eyes, I am very envious of this guy but I don’t hate him.


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