Male roommate left a note saying he is gone, will not be back until Wednesday, quite comfy. There has been a cake lying in the kitchen for a while, I took a little slice, might take further advantage over the coming days. Enjoying the situation very much, very quiet, very relaxing.

Tried to get some reading done but failed.

Nothing much else was done or felt today. Games are too much of a distraction, need to quit.

A “friend” contacted me on whatsapp today, I knew him from sixth form, 6 years ago, like most of my “friends”, he forced himself on me, I don’t know why, he had other friends, he would message me on facebook sometimes, post on my wall, like my posts, the only one, I regret those quotations marks, really, he is actually a true friend, sure I do not know him very well but I should respect that he chose not to forget about me, it would have been so easy, in the last six years, we have only met up once, this was last August, it went alright, conversation was able to flow well enough, I was comfortable enough to talk about myself, my life or lack of, admittedly their were a few lies concerning my relationships with my roommates but it was comfortable and he seemed to enjoy my company or at least he gave me that impression.

I think the reason I feel comfortable around him is because he is a bit of a failure like myself, sure he has a drivers licence, car, graduated, friends etc but he is ultimately just a normie, not like the Chad’s at university who look down on me. On Whatsapp he wanted to talk about being unemployed, I asked questions, chipped it with some advice, shit carried on, it went fine. Uncomfortable about ending it and I do not understand why he wanted to speak to me, maybe he in actuality he is just as lonely as I?


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