Today was a pretty chill day, late start at uni, only one class.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror without my glasses and think I am a pretty good looking guy but then I look at my pic on my university profile and it is terrible, I really hope I do not look that unappealing, I also took a look at the pics of a few girls I like, they look great, I don’t understand why there is such a difference.

I encountered a bitch on the bus, she was Chinese and sitting down with her handbag on the seat next to her, the bus was crowded so I ask her if I could sit there, even adding a please onto the end of my sentence, the bitch looks at me and say some shit in her native language, I move along and stand up at the back of the bus, some other girl later successfully got her to move her bag, I stand up for the entire bus ride.

I really wish I was brave enough to have moved the bag myself, the only joy was it was seeing that what I assume was her bf, was even shorter than her, fat, acne ridden and wore glasses. Looked like an anime stereotype of an otaku. Girl was cute as a button though, assuming she had a lot of surgery, makeup and bleach.

Need to shave and remember to wear deodorant.

Did not get that Mountain Dew for the weekend because it was sugar free, I do not consume much sugar if any at all but for the sake of checking out this drink, I need to get it in its purest form. Saw the Polish girl in my class drink out of a lime green bottle, it might be Mountain Dew, not sure where she got it though, could be the cafeteria, although I have never used any of them, I feel very uncomfortable not knowing what I want and what I am going to say ahead of time.

Tried to eat something else today but it was disgusting, threw it away half way through, sticking to what I know and like from now on. Watched some WWE, do not really like it as much as a I did a few years ago, just skim through to keep up. Read a few comics, again, just really keeping up.

Don’t use reddit, only did so to ask a few questions to some different people, deleted that account today since there was no need for it to continue to exist.

Continuing my new trend of masturbating twice before getting out of bed.


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