My pissjug runneth over

Roommate brought his friend around and I remembered why I hated him again. Had to use my pissjug, it is not full to the rim, will try dumping tomorrow if I am alone. Very thirst, have not had a drink for 8 hours.

Had some tutorial classes today, skipped them, I am quite tired and I will check the answers for one of them, little worried about the other one though as it was discussion based. Spent some time today working on my coursework, got 700 or 1500 words, it is of poor quality though, my courseworks always are, due to my inability to think critically, 4 years and I have still not learned to write an effective essay. Due date is a little over 2 weeks from now. Little anxious as when it comes to references as I am not sure what exactly I am looking for, will settle for journals that repeat the benefits and limitations I am already aware of.

Beard has grown too much, uncomfortable, would like to shave soon but I find it such a pain.


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