Day Off

First thing I did today after masturbating and showering was open up a database but throughout the day I did very little searching, reading or writing, my coursework is 350 words short of completion, find it hard to focus on quality of the work when all I really want is to finish it and get it out of my head. I barely work on it but I can’t enjoy the distractions either since it is always preying on my mind.

Walls are very thin here, can hear each other cough and blow our noses, happens very often. I find it awkward, try to stifle my coughing..

One of the reasons for the sound issues is that for a while now I have not been able to completely shut my bedroom door, I don’t know what happened, inspected it and it seems the lower half of the doorway has gotten narrower so the door cannot fit. It seems insane something like this could happen but it has, the only theory I have is that the doorway was always this narrow but the door was less wide and while I was out one day, my roommate switched our doors, I used to notice his door was slightly ajar when I passed it on leaving the building. I feel very uncomfortable not being able to fully shut the door.

Did not shave today. Did not dispose of my pissjug. Lost my phone USB cable. Checked her blog, she changed her banner, I have my suspicions.

Tomorrow is football day, a game, 3 hours of highlights, an hour or so of radio call ins and threads all day. Should be a good day or at least one where I enjoyable plans.


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