Roommate did not go out today so I was confined in my bedroom for a long time, became quite agitated, I eventually ventured out to make myself a microwaved cheese sandwich for MOTD.

I head out, stick a couple slices of bread into the microwave, hear my roommate come out of his room, like he usually does to make some chatter, but today I am in no mode for it, I don’t care how nice he is or pretending to be, I don’t care anymore, I don’t want his approval, he fucked me over, I hope I make him feel uncomfortable. Wearing the usual disgusting “relaxation” clothes I always wear, making my simple disgusted meal, unshaven face.

I ask him in an uninterested voice “Everything going alright with you?” or some shit like that, he says he is fine, asks me what I am upto, I say coursework, messup the followup, trip up a bit, not sure what I wanted to say, but I don’t try to salvage it or carry on the conversation. I just wait for the microwave to ping, grab my shit and leave.

I t was very empowering, I think I might even grab a bite to eat next time his friends come over, make THEM feel uncomfortable and him embarrassed.


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