Less than an hour after I woke up my roommates friends had arrived, they were playing vidya all day and the volume felt as if it was at a level higher than it had ever been before, playing some shitty shooter, every shot went right through me. Did not leave my room again after though, fortunately I did not need to use the bathroom. Got a better idea of how to get back at him now, stealing is wrong, all I want to do is spite him, so I will damage his consoles and discs so they become unplayable, will use water, maybe rattle the consoles around a bit, it will drive him crazy, won’t know if the problem is the console or the disc and then when he figures it out, it will be impossible for him to figure out what happened and just as little chance for him pinning the the crime on me.

Recently learned coffee is a cure to all my problems, will try some when my roommates are out, there is a coffee making device in the kitchen, will need to fiddle around with it in private, also don’t want to be be caught using their coffee beans.

Looking at some beta blockers too, while hold off on making the purchase as I would prefer the cheaper option.

Exercise would help me too but will be months before I even try it, maybe when I go back home after I graduate, earlier if those coffee really works.


2 thoughts on “Mischief

    • I have said it before, the rent is extortionate, £530 a month for the poorest living conditions I have ever had to endure, there are bugs in here sometimes, the room wasn’t vacuumed, or the piss stained mattress flipped when I got here, it was absolutely filthy, I wasn’t even show the room I got, I was under the impression I was getting the other one, the much nicer one. The desk chair is busted, so I sit on my bed when working or using my laptop.
      And the most insulting thing of all, there are several cupboards in the kitchen but he have me the worst one, there are pipes going through it and I can’t even open the door all the way due to it being partially obstructed by a table.

      Those are all points where he objectively screwed me. Even if I fuck his games and consoles he would still have leached enough money off me that there would be nothing stopping him from going out and buying replacements.


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