Started mumbling to myself in public. Had some heart pains during the early hours of the day. Not tried coffee just yet. Roommate brought his female friend over again, were very loud, stayed over late.

Not sure why I was expected to take the initiative, he should have invited me to play vidya or watch one his series with him and his friends, he was confident enough to ask me if he wanted me, he is just another elitist git, he deserves no sympathy from me. Magnets are what to use to fuck the discs.

Listened to some normies speak to each other for a while, I have listened to a few in my time, they often talk about uninteresting things, feign interest, tell unfunny jokes, force laughter, my conclusion is being fake is normal, you just choose who you want your friends to be and then you play along.

I can’t develop my conversation skills because they probably are on par with everybody else, what is lacking is my confidence.


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