House of Trash

Worked on my coursework for an hour after my lecture, just tidying up the references though. Had that group work tutorial today, gave it a miss. Saw a girl who resembled one of her facebook friends, she walked towards the art school with another friend, I wonder what she talks about with her friends because what those two were talking about just does not fit the personality of the girl I knew. Thought about her a lot today, spent an hour editing a pic regarding how I feel, rarely use Photoshop, I am not adept at learning anything new.

Been watching House of Cards S3, finished it today, decent time killer. Spent 7 hours spamming a YuGiOh thread with baby gore yesterday, it’s pathetic but it made me feel like I was doing something, my actions having an effect on other people, shit started when I spent a good deal of time putting together a post, just to have 20 replies dismissing it, I was able to get better feedback elsewhere but I want to get even with these guys, I know it gets under their skin, they can’t help but reply and they rile up those that know to ignore, “REPORT AND IGNORE YOU RETARDS!”. Put a little time into it today too, been going for 4 days now I think.

Trash is piling up in my room, need to get that sorted, supermarkets do not do free plastic carrier bags anymore so I bought some black bin liners, I put them in the kitchen, they could also be used for the kitchen trash so it would appear as if I was chipping in, the bin liners have since disappeared.

Finally remembered to call back my dad, call lasted 39 seconds.

More anxious to avoid my roommate and it seems more difficult than usual, I am getting my dinner earlier in the day, around 3pm or whenever he is out just in case the opportunity does not arise later. I think it may be that because I have not run into him in a while, I feel as if he will be more likely to try to engage me if he hears me leaving my room for the kitchen.

it cant be beat - Copy


6 thoughts on “House of Trash

    • I can only agree. The blog posts in recent days have become far more maniacal and unhinged; that picture he’s included is perfect evidence of it. His complete reluctance to even attempt to find any sort of help is bewilderingly stupid. I mentioned cognitive behavioural therapy and he didn’t even bother trying to look it up. Well here’s a link then:

      I am genuinely astounded poleaboo even agreed to move into this guy’s house in the first place. It sounds as if he chose the first house he saw and just took it without exploring any other options.


      • I know I would not be able to talk freely to someone in person, I probably would fail to even convince a GP that I had any problems, which is required in order to meet with a CBT therapist. It’s also just not a good time for me, with it being my last year of university, I have a lot on my plate.

        Places to live around here are pretty tough, competition stiff, you stick an ad online an gumtree and you will get 100 responses in an hour. I took what I could get, I was in danger of not having sorted out any accommodation by the start of the academic year. I am surprised he chose me to be his roommate, he said he was showing the place to a few other people throughout the week, I wonder what he saw in me. The conversation was not fireworks, all I did was comment that he had a lot of “cool” stuff and we did not like the same sports.


  1. >  I probably would fail to even convince a GP that I had any problems

    I don’t know what a GP is, but being unable to use the bathroom/kitchen because your roommates are at home IS a problem and abnormal behavior.
    Show/tell them things of this blog here, should be convincing enough.


  2. You have 3 options you pathetic piece of shit :

    1 – Try harder to socialize / hit the iron.

    2 – Stop overthinking you cockmongler, nobody fucking cares that you exist, so you shouldn’t care about them either.

    3 – Kill yourself.

    I recommend the third option.


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