Midweek Break Part 2

Took another day of uni, tutorial classes today, took a look at the numerical questions, struggled but got something down, hopefully I will remember to compare my answers to the solutions when they are released tomorrow. The day was far too unproductive.

Had the place to myself for a good portion of the day, rubbed some water on my roommates copy of Dragon Age, did not have any magnets, don’t think this will be very effective but I was not sure I was alone or when he would return, will be bolder next time out. Tried coffee again, the cupboard above the kettle like device has all sorts of hot drinks, used a little packet of espresso, used less water, more milk this time and it still did not taste great but it was cool enough to drink, no energy or concentration boost though, still much more experimentation possible and I really want this to work.

Male roommates friends came over again but I could tell they shut the living room door, due to the loud washing machine in the kitchen, so no problems, noise was reduced and I could leave my room, think they were mostly playing TCGs. Read some comics before going to sleep, nothing good.

Tongue was still a little sensitive from yesterday. Masturbated in the middle of the day instead of when waking up and going to sleep. Just realised her blog has not been updated in over a month, I know she knows I at least used to read it, I hope she updates soon. Club Nintendo is ending, do not have enough points to get anything worth while. I was glad to see Chelsea lose yesterday, good to know the most likely outcome is not always a certainty. Been raining a lot recently, strong winds too, I like looking out of my window at this, very relaxing.


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