Gains Delayed

Went to a lecture, it was early, calculation stuff, understood it well enough, stayed back for 2 hours to work on the related tutorial questions for next week, went fine, bit of confusion, need to pick up my pace. We got a break to watch the eclipse, took a few glimpses, kinda cool, underwhelming considering the crowd size.

Saw the Polish girl heading into the class, she saw me too, nothing happened.

Talked to a robot on skype, he recommended I join a 24/7 gym, the exercise helps sort out mental health problems, took a look, found one, £35 for a 1 month membership, not entirely sure how to use the equipment they have advertised, need to carry the adjustable bench up to the “power rack” in order to bench press. Worried about the personal trainers there asking me if I need any help or just watching me flounder from a distance, judging me. Think I might do it, although if I don’t sign up this weekend, I might never.

Had 2 Lucozades today.

Watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, caught up with the Walking Dead, watched Spoony talk about WWE, I like the background noise.


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