Mischief Accomplished

Roommates left early today so I could live comfortably for a while, I reset the router to get rid of my ban, then I treated myself to some of my roommates Ribena, to fill the bottle back up I used the contents of my pissbottle, to raise the levels of the drink to its original position. There were some bubbles, this worried me but after a bit of experimentation (DO NOT SHAKE), I was able to find a solution, I stirred the drink using his chopsticks, popping some of the bubbles. The main reason I did this was that I realised how little my roommate respects me, all I wanted was for him to ask me to hang out with him and his friends, sure I might have declined but it would have been nice to be asked, he clearly did not want to spend time with me and he came to that conclusion without even trying to get to know me. Feels good to get some payback on him and his friends, might even make this a regular thing.

Him and gf game by later, stuck in my room, went to the pissbottles a few times, Lucozade bottles are very small, only good for 1.5 pisses at most, this makes them good if you want to stay quiet but the quick fill time means that I might screw up and urinate all over my room, happened once today.

Put my clothes in the washing machine before they arrived, will need to wait for them to leave before giving it another spin under the drying function, it is very noisy so I will enjoy resetting it while he is trying to sleep.

Spent 2 hours on femdom cult, downloaded a few torrents, good stuff, need to use a torrent tracker to find the niche stuff.

Bought some Doritos and dip, felt disgusting after I finished them, as usual, I never seem to learn.

Had a shower at 4pm when I had the place to myself.

Read and replied to an email from a robot who understands my feelings regarding my former roommate.

I dream of being an athlete, a boxer, footballer, pro wrestler or MMArtist, that is something I can be proud of myself for, I don’t care about money or status, I believe I would find much fulfilment as a competitor.


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