Still Stupid

Spent time working on tutorial work for two different classes, went terribly, I put in the time but settled on the fact that I had done it wrong and will wait for the solution to be released, the second piece of work took my 3 hours, followed the example, I have difficulty digesting the question, I follow the example instead of understanding the process. Feeling very panicked, procrastinating, easting, putting off even looking at more questions or revising to understand where I went wrong, it is too painful, I feel worthless and worry I will not be capable of finding the necessary information or understanding it.

None of this is good, during the one week Easter Break I am hoping I will have enough energy to put together some notes and do some quick but important revision.

A guy and girl needed to slide past me in class at uni, the guy called me “pal” and the girl smiled at me, I looked disgruntled that I had to get up for them, still it felt nice that they acknowledged me. I do wonder what they really think of me though. I imagined the girl was my gf for a little while, I have a problem there but she is not pretty enough to get hung up over.

Much more bored of that private femdom tracker now.


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