A place I can call home

Saw an American “college movie”, depressing knowing how I squandered these years.

Tried Reddit and Wizchan now that /r9k/ has gone to shit, neither place is for me, might grow into Wizchan in time but for now I will take myself to /brit/. Made a few realisations, I am afraid to go to the kitchen because I am ashamed of the food I prepare and hence worry what they will think of me. I also struggle to ask for help because I cannot imagine how anyone could possibly help one as lost as I.

Given up on the whole facebook thing, she is going to an event at the Art Gallery tomorrow, over 1000 people attending, no tickets required, should be easy to blend in, trying to find a buddy to hang with me.

No revision done today, this is clearly a problem, need to get on it, exams are less than 2 months away. Skipped tutorial classes, think I should probably go next week, need any help I can get.

Mum and my little sister called today, call lasted 30 minutes. Nothing much was said, they did most of the talking, could tell I didn’t want to speak at full volume.


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