3 Months

Fixed my glasses yesterday, they had been broken for near 3 months month, I bought the superglue required to fix them almost instantly but I didn’t want to endure life without clear vision for too long that is why I procrastinated. Gave in and did it eventually, the metal bonded almost instantly, it feels great wearing these sturdy things, maybe that’s why the last few months have been so terrible? Can’t believe I left this for so long, I was very self concious during this time, although only slightly more than usual.

She hasn’t responded to my email yet, she went to another public event at the art gallery yesterday, shame I didn’t realise it was on, I went to town to go to the barbers so it wouldn’t have been too much effort. My university email account is blocked (being told to contact admin to have the block lifted), can’t log in, my moodle page is also inaccessible, not sure what’s going on. Could be maintenance, though the IT twitter of my uni says the last outage was 2 days ago, it’s unlikely to have gone down twice in such a short period, assuming the worst, that I have been reported to the relevant university authorities. Not as worried as I should be, nothing I can do, just gotta take it as it comes, very relaxing. I think it’s more like my ex-roommate is the one who reported me, services wouldn’t have been disabled if it was the girl my class, that offence is too minor. Kinda glad shit is out, excuse not to do any uni work.

Got a big number of views on the blog again today, facebook as a referrer, think it’s just some bot checking for viruses.

Roommate brought a girl over, don’t think it was the usual one, he is definitely not Chad, might be gay. Heard him offering Ribena to her, ha!.

Didn’t really do anything today, went to Asda, bought a tube of Pringles and litre of Lucozade, that was dinner. Staying up to watch WrestleMania, I miss downloading it and watching it home the day after with my brother. Though not sure if I am looking forward to going home next week. Arc V threads are better now, I haven’t been in them for a few weeks, turns out I apparently inspired some other spammer or critics of the series, too bad I am not as dedicated to cause anymore, the rest of the general was also more willing to engage me and avoid provoking me so I wouldn’t respond with gore again. /WWE/ threads, generally agree they should be on /asp/, admire the dedication of dickspammer/bot but sometimes I do just want to “discuss” a bit of wrestling.

Should vacuum my room, it’s filthy.

Not really feeling anything today, not dread, sadness, anger or excitement.


2 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. You didn’t repair your glasses for 3 months? That’s a ridiculous amount of time to go without proper vision.

    Could you not take them to Specsavers/Vision Express/whoever to get them repaired?


    • That’s what my mother recommended when it happened, I didn’t know what to say to the store person or if I would be charged, so it wasn’t really an option for me.

      Well, everything is good now, concerning the glasses at least. Though I have had them for over 2 years now and the frames were the cheapest, my mum did call me a while ago to book an eye test, might ask her to do it for me for when I come back home, got some money, could buy some fancy frame, could do something for self confidence.


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