Got v&

Made bail


15 thoughts on “Got v&

    • Not a joke, there is a reason I didn’t update the last 2 days, can’t go into details or write much of anything ever again since this blog isn’t anonymous anymore

      Thank you for you support, the anxiety has gotten much better since I got out of the cell, interacted with my roommates like a normie, so that’s a sort of happy ending


      • I can’t say this wasn’t inevitable given what was happening.

        Hopefully you get through this as sensibly as possible because this must have absolutely ruined everything.


      • I am absolutely finished.

        Was emailed a letter from the dean, suspended from uni, might be able to appeal after the trial(s) but what can be said?


      • No, there is nothing I can do, nothing I have to do, it might be relaxing if I wasn’t perpetually waiting for the police to lift me again.

        NEET life for me, live off job seekers allowance or the money I currently have and go somewhere £5000 might allow me to exist in comfort and without shame.


      • What was the crime they charged you for exactly? I feel like it shouldn’t be illegal, all you did was post her pics on 4chan right?


      • Don’t want to get into any more shit, so speaking about crime in general here, if one feels threatened by such posts, it falls under stalking legislation.
        Law Ph.D roommate says it’s logical.

        Will vaguely and lengthenly green text my experiences in a few months, just not here.


      • Damn that’s cruel. Sure you did a lot of stupid stuff (sometimes very stupid) but you didn’t deserve such a public humiliation at all. People sure can be cruel sometimes.

        Alas, try keeping your head up. Have your roommates read the blog as well?


      • No, actually getting more comfortable around them than ever, they think me getting lifted and 4 police raiding them place was weird and amusing….or at least what they are saying, they should be repulsed by me, I got arrested, I’m a criminal now.

        At least the people at uni know that I once existed now, being laughed at is a small price to pay, it’s every other reaction that bothers me. Not like I will ever know what they think though since I don’t have any friends in the class to call upon, felt lonely yesterday, messaged that guy from class who talks to me sometimes, helped him study once when he put me on the spot and went to his birthday party, all I got from him was a “good luck” which translates into “goodbye”


    • Nope, haven’t heard anything from anyone, detectives, solicitor or uni since last Tuesday. Must still be examining my laptop.
      Emailed an appeal to the principal, said he would have gotten back to me yesterday.

      Since things are taking so long to move I am assuming the best but I really hope the uni stuff gets sorted real soon.

      Thanks for caring, will be leaving this until a final update when the trial is done in September, posting in a few generals and /b/ until then


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