I am going to list my new troubles, I feel it might help me to understand my situation better and to motivate change if I get my current position down in hard form.

Trial at the end of September

Nothing I can really do until the date arrives. Interested in the court process and prison it’ll be a life experience, I’ll get a story or two out of it. I would like to know exactly what it is that I have allegedly done though, I know what I am being charged with, the detectives showed me a lot of things in the interview, not sure what is background stuff and what the actual crimes are, that was never made clear to me.

Suspended from university until after the trial

Again, nothing I can do about this until the time comes, I am going to be 25 when I finally receive my 4 year degree, pathetic, now this is assuming they let me back on the course. Two of my “friends” repeated years, that’s the only perk. Repeating the year is terrible, I will be losing a year of my life.

Notifying my parents I will not be graduating this summer

This one hurts, I can put it off until the end of the month, maybe longer. Not going to enjoy making that call one bit.

Police have my laptoplaptop, phones and 3DS

Waiting game, I hear I am not getting it back until after the trial.

Money troubles

Will likely be forced to pay another years tuition fees and rising accommodation costs, not sure if I will be entitled to another year of student finance, trying to find a job, not too difficult to send my CV off to a few adverts for jobs in the retail sector every afternoon. The positions will likely be filled by Stacys though. I really hope I can get a job to make some many and fund living up here instead of returning home and putting up with the various crap I will be getting down there. Lease here is running out, will need to find somewhere else to live, should be easier and cheaper to find somewhere during the summer. Lookedminto joining the army, don’t meet the physical requirements, can’t do enough situp, failed to do 20 and it was around 1 minute when I gave up so my pace wasn’t good enough either.

My problems are all here to stay, all I can do is wait to meet them head on, I have near 6 months of time to play with where I can do anything, I would like to do something productive, like earning money or getting /fit/, probably not visiting the gym though tbh.

Not depressed, my problems seem far away, I am treating this time like a holiday, not a care in the world right now, having the time of my life, if shit gets too real I just move a few feet and take a drink. Angry? Nowhere near the level you would expect, just a little miffed, might change in the future but for now I am not harbouring ill will towards anyone, just my situation, how I handled it and being dealt a raw deal.

What is eating me is boredom.


6 thoughts on “Status

  1. Well it’s good you’re not falling into a depression (I know I wouldn’t be as strong, this would break me), however, as you said, your hands are tied until the trial. Send out CV to get a job is an excellent move, but you ought to lookfor something to do in your freetime; they took away your Laptop/3 DS and you can’t study anymore as well.
    You realized yourself boredom’s eating away, and sitting around days and weeks without anything to do can be a fast way to depression land.
    So yeah you might try out a few new things in the meantime; writing (tjough you kinda do this withis blog, but maybe short stories), drawing, maybe something physical, jogging, hiking swimming, etc.
    Just don’t stay alone in your room 24/7, that’s poisonous.
    Stay strong mate


  2. Jesus christ m&, if you were the one obsessing over that polish girl, she was a fucking 5/10. And if you live in the same city as me, how can you be obsessed with her when the uni library is filled with 8+ girls? Unreal m8


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