I have a right to feel

Roommate still brings his friends around, they are still loud but now that I have bigger problems to deal with, I just don’t care anymore. I don’t have anything going on, no obligations so it’s harder to feel the flow of time, little things don’t get me down and I have no stress. Nothing really matters anymore.

None of the jobs I applied to have gotten back to me, I am completely unskilled, all I can apply for is retail but I have been rejected from a part time night shift at Tesco, what hope do I have? Probably need to be an entrepreneur if I wasn’t to generate some income and make something of myself, I have the time. Could do all sorts of stuff, make some kind of business plan first or maybe I could write, honestly this is what I always wanted to do and being suspended/expelled from university has given me that freedom. Will have a good think about it today and tomorrow and make a start, putting pen to paper the day after.

Every day has been pretty much the same, gone from spending all day on my laptop to all day on my tablet, I do feel worthless but these feelings are better than the dread and stress associated with university and involvement in society. Now it’s just me, in my room, on my tablet, every day with the occasional trip to Asda. My roommate leaves the flat often enough, he has right nkw, I can go to the kitchen and bathroom often enough, that is another contributing factor to my much improved demeanour and outlook on life. Nothing really matters until my lease runs out, I can just relax for the next month and a half.

Eatintg jacket potatoes with tuna and coleslaw these days. It’s tasty, I like hot food but it’s not very filling. Had some junk food yesterday too, felt sick, I always forget but should keep me away for a week or so again at least.

Vodka is finished but coping better now.

Roommate always said I could play on his consoles, did that  bit while he was out but I don’t feel he has any good games. Really don’t do much of anything, just shitpost and eat, wat he’d 40 minutes of anime yesterday.

I hope my solicitor contacts me soon.


2 thoughts on “I have a right to feel

    • Thanks, been using Job Search Direct, I am able to find stuff to apply to, problem must be with me. Thanks though, I have taken a quick look and found a few new ones.


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