Thought I was Saturday yesterday, not that I makes a difference.

Found my feet somewhat, haven’t been watching much anime over the last year so I am getting back into that though the shows I watched today were not to my liking, oh well, plenty more and plenty more time to watch them in.

Registered to vote, felt good to be given questions I could answer so easily. All the parties seem vote worthy in my opinion, will likely vote for UKIP or the Lib Dems since my vote will mean the most to them.

Wasn’t sure how long my roommate would be out for so I just had cereal for dinner, I buy Asda brand cereals now, they really do taste just like the name brand alternatives, the cereals I eat are choloclate based. Earlier in the day my roommate did catch me in the kitchen with my humble meal, we had not exchanged more than greetings for 3 weeks, left his room deliberately to catch me. He asked me how I was doing, I replied honestly, “not well”, my food was done so I rushed through the explanation which h I have been through a dozen times before, “the uni isn’t considering having me back until after the trial, it’s bullshit bureaucracy, but there is nothing I can do, better look on the bright side, I will be spending this time watching anime”. I wonder if this will encourage him to engage me more or leave me be? If he cared he would invite me to one of those ridiculous D&D games, I think some of the players are ransoms, that’s how they do it, it’s a niche thing so they have to find additional players through some kind of noticeboard system, they are surprisingly good enough for him but I am not.

Rejected from another job but applied to some Moore today.

Got a call from PureGym, I was excited and nervous when the phone rang, thought an opportunity to flex my vocal muscles for the second time in 3 weeks and progress my story but no, they just wanted to know why I had started and application to join them but not finished, the answer was issues with my tablet. Less motivated to join the gym now, I I am taller than my roommate so I feel pretty good standing around him.

Not feeling so down today.

Blog was posted by someone on reddit, don’t like reddit, do like more people accepting my emotions but I hate that they didn’t give me any feedback, they just laughed.

Have not heard from my solicitor in a while, last I heard he was sorting out my legal aid, that was while ago, will drop off this form he asked me to sign early last week to see if it will jump start proceedings.


One thought on “Saturday

  1. Hey man,

    Don’t let everything thats happening in your life bring you down. We all experience hardship in life, some more/less severe than others. Its important that you accept what has/is happened and keep moving forward. I struggled with crippling social anxiety for a long time before i managed to force myself to become more outgoing. Start going back to the gym and opt for reading some books/articles maybe even continue your studies independently, it will do wonders for your self esteem. I don’t mean to lecture to you but don’t give up man.


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