This now passses as an eventful day

Dad called again, pushing for me to come home ASAP, was pretty clear why this time, he has a meeting with his barrister friends brother who is a solicitor other legal professional on Wednesday, he probably wants me there. He was still trying to get me to be able to sit my exams, told him it was too late for that, couldn’t be bothered to explain that the university was a private institution and could do whatever they wanted, though I may be wrong as he has apparently been advised by his friend, who might I add he isn’t paying, so I don’t feel too bad about him wasting his time with this shit, just agitated that he is also wasting my time by calling me. I gave up on getting back into university, at least until the disciplinary hearing, I gave up on my anger on being mistreated, I hate that my father is dragging it all back up again, I was at peace. Though if we really do have a case, I would love to be able to stick it to the university, I do hate that I have lost a year of my life and they will likely charge me another years tuition fees, my anger is really just postponed if anything.

Started masturbating before sleeping again, hurt my wrist, videos don’t load very well on this tablet.

Ate cookies with warm milk for dinner and a jacket potato for lunch, need to buy bread. Was raining today, I should have gone out. Felt very cosy inside though.

Someone hit our number on the intercom, male roommate got it as usual, worried as I thought it might be the police but it turned out it was a pizza delivery guy, I overheard the conversation, he hasn’t ordered it and said he would check if anyone else here had. He knocked on my door and the sound made me panic like always, not sure what it is, maybe I associate the sound with negative emotions or maybe it’s the sharp sudden noise punctuating the usual silence. I answered without opening the door or letting him ask the question “It wasn’t me !” I bellowed, very proud of myself, very natural and avoiding a tough situation.

Watched some JoJo and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, I’m a boxing fan so I wasn’t particularly excited for it, result and the way the fight would go was obvious.

I like to be able wake up early so I can shower beforenthe police potentially show up, mornings are always quite tense for me these days, very uncomfortable living in constant anticipation.


11 thoughts on “This now passses as an eventful day

  1. Dude you should go to your dad and talk to him about how you really feel. My Parents helped me out when i was depressed.


  2. Missed your update because I’m banned on /int/ but I hope you keep your head up and are able to keep looking forward. Your recent posts have let me empathise with you more even though I do not support people doing the actions that have been alleged against you.
    I’ve been there wondering what is is going to happen to me and just remember that there is light at then end of the tunnel and if you stay focused you can get through it.
    I’d recommend seeing your dad and taking all the help you can get.

    I’m rooting for you Ribena


    • Thanks but I don’t believe he really has anything to offer me. Legally I am coping just fine and I don’t want money sunk into this, losing even more over this mess.


  3. What did you think of the May-Pac fight? I was firmly in the logic camp and didn’t get carried away with emotions, therefore I expected Mayweather to do exactly what he did! Pretty boring fight really, regretting staying up for it. What do you think of Khan to fight Mayweather next?


    • I never boarded the hype train, did not see how anyone else could envision it playing out any other way. It was more exciting that most of Mayweathers recent fights, so I was satisfied that I got somethoing better than I was expecting.
      Khan has a better chance than anyone of beating him, big, fast, at least used to throw a lot, his only realistic weakness in that fight would be his inside game, would be an odd sight for a Mayweather fight, him the aggressor and not the one initiation the clinches.
      It’s the best available fight, there are people who deserve it more but there are non realistic challengers at 147 and below who could beat him.


      • Yeah it really hasn’t done much to enhance the sport in the eyes of non-fans. I agree with the Khan assessment, although I’m not a massive fan of his, he does have tools to be annoying for FM.
        I also don’t think he will stop at 1 fight as he is 2 short of beating Marciano’s record (being the egotist he is, that will matter)
        Possibly going up to middleweight and fighting Cotto again (I enjoyed the first bout, so would not mind this) OR Golovkin. Are you following him? Looks lethal.


      • I follow boxing, I like GGG, everyone does, just a shame he has such difficulty getting real fights, I don’t feel like most are worth watching.
        I feel Floyd cares more about money than legacy, building a legacy is just convenient in generating more money. He will keep going until he loses and then one more imo.


  4. Hey man I know you may think it’s too late and it may be but you should really try and socialise with the people you live with, should help to slowly reduce the chronic anxiety. We’re all terrified inside, you just gotta hide it 🙂


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