Receieved a call around midday, it was McDonalds, I’m impressed by the fast turnaround, they were offering me an interview tomorrow at 2.30pm, I accepted straight away but I must not have been very clear as I was asked for confirmation again later in the call, I also asked him to tell me which branch I was successful in applying , he replied in a dejected tone when I realised he had already told me earlier on. It was not a good call but it should not have any bearing on weather I get the job or not, that comes down the interview tomorrow. It appears that it will be quite rigerous, a 20 minute verbal interview and a 20 minute on the job evaluation, this makes me very anxious, I feel as if I will fail both challenges, I tried to search for information regarding the process but there was a lack of consistency. Had to buy black trousers, will have to work for over 2 hours to pay them off, will be wearing my trainers, I have a white shirt, it needs ironing, will wake up early to take care of that (might be an iron in the closet), forgot to buy deodorant though. Very anxious about this, might not even go, I imagine this experience is going to be very painful.

Dad called again, he asked me again to come home, even just for a few days, mentioned my mother, very transparent, if he really cared then he would want me to stay longer and it’s pathetic how he would try to manipulate me by mentioning someone else. I firmly told him “no”, I also told him I was fine but he didn’t care, barely a response because it wasn’t my wellbeing that he was interested in, he realised there was nothing he could do about it, he stuttered and said this line which he usually says when he is scared I will storm off “I just have one more question, please”, he told me about his meeting with the barrister which is now tomorrow, said he would text me questions at around 7pm. Told him he was wasting his time, I’m fine with my current solicitor (the person he is speaking to isn’t even a solicitor) and that it was too late for me to sit my exams. I think he finally got that last point at least. I asked him why he plans on going to the barrister, what he thinks he can do for me, what does he think I need? Didn’t get much back from him, just more help is better, informed him that mmy situation is not that severe and my solicitor is working on the case and his skills and sufficent to deal with it, he just spouted some shit about money. Think I also asked him why he is so concerned about all of this, he didn’t give the wrong answer but not the right one either. Also asked about why I hadn’t had my solicitor do something about the situation with the university, at least he is slowly moving towards blaming me even if it is for completely the wrong reasons.

The idiot also thought I had actually been charged with stalking, physically stalking someone, my energy was wasted explaining how it worked. Then there was more confusion over me court dates and bail hearing, he had had no experience of the legal system, thought I had two trial dates (the pre-trial) and that the bail hearing was my trial and he had missed it. The other joke was when I told him the police had my laptop and more charges may be incoming, he thought it was for having “loads of copyrighted media”.

I hate talking to this man. I’m expending more energy helping him understand my situation than he is expending to actually help me out. No, scratch that, he is expending plenty of energy try to help me, his efforts are just completely worthless and misaligned with my objectives. It was also fucked up how he didn’t seemed concerned at all when he thought I was a stalker, sounded like he assumed guilt too, not sure if he expected it of me or saw it as a non-crime. I don’t know this man very well.


6 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Your Dad working so much to provide seems to be key to you two not having a relationship.

    I can empathise with this hugely, I have little to no memory of my father for the first 12 years of my life as he worked away so much. Eventually he changed jobs and was around more but by this time it was already too late to build bridges. Constant heated exchanges for years quickly followed as he was around more but felt like a stranger in my home. We shared next to nothing in common and still don’t, i’m far more developed intellectually to the point it sometimes feels like i’m talking to a 55 year old child. It was only when I broke down to my mother about the disconnect with my father did anything change. We’re civil now but we’ll never be close.

    I’m not sure how this helps you, I just recognised an opportunity to get it off my chest.

    Maybe try to compromise and take the friends number from your dad and talk to him yourself instead of through your father who can’t understand the finer points of what is going on. Explain to him your situation and he might then explain to your dad that the situation is under control and what his/your next steps should be, if any.


    • I don’t trust man dads friend, he will share everything I say with my dad since I am not his client. Just feels like more aggro having to explain the same stories again when he won’t be able to offer me any new insight or advice, or at least not immediently.


  2. For crying out loud, lad. Don’t wear fucking trainers to a job interview. Dodge into Primark or some shit and buy some plain black dress shoes – keep the receipt if money is tight.


  3. Ironing a tee shirt… wear a collared shirt you fucking autist jesus

    your the most cringeworthey moron i ever met

    i love watching you fail at life


  4. You should let your father help you. When left to your own devices you (a) made a full confession to the police (b) admitted every charge to the principal and destroyed every chance of an appeal (c) published all the lurid details of your crimes on a blog

    Anyway, for the interview tomorrow – you will pass the verbal interview simply be having a rehearsed spiel to give at the beginning. At this point please emphasise that you are: Punctual. Hard working. Reliable. This is enough. When you first meet them make steady eye contact. Give a firm handshake. Introduce yourself in a loud voice.


    • I hit a lot of those notes, used the old trick of looking around the area of ntheiirbeyes to feign eye contact though.


      Hopefully I will be done with my father after today.


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