Turning Point 2

Set my alarm for just before 8 so I could get a nice start to the day and prepare adequately for my interview, I used the first 2 hours to wakeup, I got out of bed at 10, I felt well rested by that point. Shower went well, chose to nly shave my neck area, I thought I looked fine with a bit of stubble, good even, better than when I am clean shaven.

I was going to be out today so I decided to take advantage of the time by washing my bedding, must have been a couple of months since I had done that, today was going to be as tough day, a snug bed at the end of it would be a just reward. After breakfast at 11, I headed out to Primary to buy some shoes, a lot of people told me that trainers was a bad idea but the point that really stuck was that I would need proper shoes for the court appearance regardless of this interview. The store I intended to visit was Primary, another suggestion, I had never visited the store before and was shocked my the quality of the products in relation to the low prices, I would certainly like to shop here again if need be. I needed up not buying any shoes though as they all had heels, the email had stated “no heeled shoes”, I would later learn In was wrong and it in fact said ” low heeled shoes”. Heading out of the store and old man yelled “Get a job, you little scaliwag” towards me, I didn’t look back at him and pretended like it didn’t happen, refusing to fully acknowledge it dulled its impact.

It was raining throughout the day, I was soaked and the water had also snuck its way into one of my trainers, maybe the excuse I need to buy a new pair of shoes, I stress the place was exceptionally cheap. I finally understand why the chain is so popular. I got home again by 12, empty handed and wet, I decided to eat again and go to Asda for groceries. Watched a little Boardwalk Empire (I don’t like it much, hoping it will pick up), got changed into the black trousers I bought yesterday, they were a bit too tight, went with the 32 inch waist, 34 is loose but I forget it was irrelevant as I own a belt. White shirt which I had ironed earlier in the day, buttoned right up, I thought I looked fine, went to the kitchen to extend the dryers cycle, female roommate turned out to be in there, must have missed her because of the noise, she initiated conversation with me, told me my polling card had arrived, she didn’t know the right words but I picked up on it in a flash, was a great moment for me, mentioned I registered to vote and had been waiting for it, she was also smiling and not afraid of me, that was good news, not sure what had changed, maybe she was impressed seeing me dressed up? Though the shirt is barely visible under my coat. Decent day so far, a negative reaction from one person, positive reaction from another and I was more physically active today than I had been since my trip to the post office. Not too interested in politics, honestly, I am voting this year for the novelty and life experience, a little excited for it and glad my card came.

It was raining more heavily by the time I got to the bus stop, water droplets were visible on my pants, while waiting for the bus I noticed a crumpled £5 note on the pavement, another good omen, I picked it up and took a look around for anyone scurrying back. Might hand it in to the police station during my next visit. Got on the bus, used my student card for the discount, I was projected to arrive a little early, unfortunately the bus driver had other ideas, he took 3 breaks, just stopped the bus, guess he was ahead of schedule, it is a short journey, the traffic is what usually extends the trip, I was worried I would not arrive on time and I do think I was a minute or so late.

I set foot into the McDonalds, waited in the queue until it was my turn to be served, I told the woman I had an interview today, she had an accent and repeated what I said, a white shirt stepped in and I followed him towards the managers office, he stopped me and told me to take a seat in the dining area, think he mentioned something about interviewing someone else at the moment, this was fortunate as it nullifies my latecoming, I took a seat on the tall stool closest to the counter, this was a mistake, should have satbon the regular chairs in a corner somewhere like a normal person, my feet were dangling like a child here and In kept accidentally making eye contact with people. While observing the operations I noted how freakish and generally repulsive all the employees appeared, there were obese ones, spotty ones and I hate to say this but one of them looked as if they had a mental disability (it was in the jaw), the funniest thing though has to be how the non-native English speaker was on the till, what does that say about the rest of them? The white shirt from earlier looked like a stereotype, a rake, tall and skinny, dull haircut, took his job very seriously. During this time I forgot to look at. the shoes they were wearing.

More than 10 minutes later In was greeted by the real manager, he had long sideburns and was chubby, not the first time I had seen this nlook, must be a thing. He was also very jolly, I like friendly people, their joy is infectious, he directed me to the corner and ran through some questions, all bar one revolved around the theme of my availability, the questions were simply asking me to state facts, this was not strenuous and I felt fairly relaxed throughout, triednto build on my answers with some excessive informatiom, I wasn’t sure what other moves were available to me. The only real question was “why do you want to work here?”, I researched but it still took me by surprise, was fortunate enough that the word ” teamwork” escaped my mouth. The only other time I had to think on my feet was the end of the interview when asked if in had any more questions, I think it makes you sound like you’re taking it seriously so I asked a couple of good ones. I don’t think it went well, I don’t know what he was looking for beyond availability (Taking a bus and planning on leaving the city after a year must count against me), he said he would call me in an hour to let me know, we shook hands but I made the same mistake as always, I am taken by surprise by the open hand, I move mine towards his but forget to squeeze it, I just let the other guy do the work. Saw who I assumed to be the next interviewee on my way out, a chubby, short female, she was sure to fit in. I felt as if the manager had already chosen who he wanted to hire and was just going through the motions with me.

Back home I waited for the call. Got it. Not much more to say other than the call was awkward due to my inability to know when and how to end the call and respond to good news and general information. I will have an induction on Thursday or Friday and start at any point after that. I look forward to it. Very proud of myself, this is easily my proudest accomplishment.

Received another call 2 hours later, woman calling about another job application I made, when I heard it was for the position of a part time credit controller, I mumbled about not wanting the job anymore, was asked to repeat myself and then hung up the phone. Not sure why I applied, don’t have a chance of getting it and I would likely screw something up, agitating everyone around me. McDonalds is more my speed, I will be happy there.

Waiting for the call from my dad now.


10 thoughts on “Turning Point 2

  1. Try to avoid long sentences like the first one in the last paragraph. Just break them down like this: “I set foot into the McDonalds and waited in the queue until it was my turn to be served. I told the woman I had an interview today. She had an accent and repeated what I said,” etc. If you can’t get rid of a long compound sentence, at least use semicolons instead of commas.


  2. Glad to hear it went well. The heeled shoes thing was pretty retarded of you but I suppose I could see myself doing something similar if I was nervous.


    • Yeah, there are pics of people in uniform in this PDF that was sent to me today, I can clearly see the shoe type now, clearly heeled and wouldn’t look out of place alongside a suit


  3. Congrats bro. Take the opportunity to hit on some of the slutty young girls that work there. Sure, 99% are mongs but you should still try to fling a wad on their tits if you can


    • It’s fun to imagine but I wouldn’t want to risk getting into more trouble, actually hoping I might be able to befriend some of the guys who work there.
      I should learn to make male friends before interacting with women, right?


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