They’re Everywhere

Set my alarm for 7, woke up at 9.45. The water from the shower turned cold too quickly, waited 5-10 minutes for it to heat up again, no luck, I had cleaned up well enough so it wasn’t a huge issue. Checked me email, there was some more McDonalds stuff to sort out. Dad called me at 10.30, told me that his legal friend would be calling me soon and weather I would be able to answer, I assumed he meant he would be calling me immediently afterwards so I said fine. While waiting for the call I ironed my trousers and shirt that I had washed yesterday. The shoes I bought yesterday were one size to big, they didn’t have 8’s, felt uncomfortable, lose and I felt my feet looked too big.

It was getting close to my orientation, I left, would later check my phone and see the/a call came in at 11.45. I was walking, there was traffic and the phone was on silent so I missed it. I would have let my dad know I was leaving but I had run out of credit. Arrive a little early to the store so I took another lap around before entering, told the greeter who I was looking for and he told me to take a seat, would be about 10 minutes before the old lady collected the 3 of us from various seats in the dining area. Before that the only notable event was moving from my seat when asked if anyone was sitting there by an old woman and a kid.

The other two attending the induction were the whale who I had seen at the end of my interview and another girl, she smiled at me and at everyone, wore a blouse, skirt and tights, I instantly assumed she was Polish. The whale on the other hand was dressed in a tracksuit. We were taken down a few levels to a windowless office, was told a fourth new employee was meant to have been joining us but for reasons unknown he did a no show. The induction was dull, mainly being spoken at and nodding our heads. The thing went on for over 90 minutes, there were a few times I spoke up when asked questions, I always fucked up, what I said needed further explanation but that caught me off guard as it required me to prepare a new sentence, in a panic I would just drop the key words and hope the old lady would be able to piece things together, fortunately she did two out of three times and the third there was a puzzled look. When asked what my favourite McDonalds meal was I gave an answer but also remarked the place was usually to expensive for my tastes, something about a £2 donner kebab and free food. The franchise owner also stopped by, there was some spaghetti, I couldn’t clearly announce my name when asked, the old lady had to step in. When he arrived I tried to say “nice to meet you” but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, I could only mouth most of the greeting.

I was right about the girl though, she was Polish, has a husband and baby, not a knockout, one of her most striking features is that she is gap toothed, it’s cute when combined with her not being afraid to smile. I’m not obsessing over her, I’m just being descriptive here. We exchanged some dialogue when she asked me to explain what “next of kin” meant while we were filling out forms, she said “thank you”, proud of that. She giggled, made ‘cute’ facial expressions, told stories and was generally bubbly and had a high level of interpersonal skills, the old lads recommended she work the till, her personality seemed pretty standard for what I have come to expect from Polish females. When asked about shifts she mentioned her husband only works 3 days a week, her grasp of English isn’t perfect and they have a “baby”, all of that pretty much confirmed my decision to vote UKIP later in the day was correct.

Was told I would also need to be clean shaven for every shift, I don’t like that, I don’t shave regularly because I often cut myself, it’s worse when there is less facial hair. The Polish girl said goodbye as we left. I voiced that I would like to work night shifts during the meeting and I had received an email earlier in the day saying I was suited to it, this sounds promising.

Once again, not obsessing over the Polish girl/woman, just telling you how may day went.

Went to the polling station on my way home, went to one desk, was asked my street, was then told to go to a different desk, I told them my street and name and then my name again. Got given my ballot paper, unfortunately there was no UKIP candidate standing, possibly due to the large student population here. Greens were not standing either, I like the Lib Dems but I don’t feel strongly enough about them to throw away my vote, decided to make a serious vote (between SNP and Labour), went with Labour since I don’t like the idea of the SNP winning all the seats in Scotland.

The solicitor did call me again later in the day, wasn’t my dads friend, he had referred me to someone further afield and based in Scotland but I thought it pointless to explain my situation to him as he still would not have a complete picture without having seen the evidence. My roommate was in the living room with his gf, I was conscious of this and wanted to end the call quickly, I told him that I had a solicitor already and the call was over. I don’t really know what sort of advice he could have offered me without actually representing me, that is another reason I was reluctant to speak to him, probably just more “no comment” stuff.


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