Mum called, she was just checking up on me, we talked for a while, I told her about my new job at McDonalds, she congratulated me, said she was proud. I hope she was lying. Unemploymeny is fairly high in my hometown so to be honest getting a job, any job is a legitimate accomplishment but she was obviously expecting much more from me. Glad she has other kids. Hopefully this time next year everything that has happened and will happen will result in me becoming a more complete human being and having the tools to make a better life to myself. Told her I’m not coming home at the end of the month now that I have a job, she was disappointed.

My lease ends at the end of May. I need to find somewhere new to live in order to meet my employment obligations. Want to stay up here for several reasons, keep in touch with my solicitor, await arrest, avoid my family and it’s hell to find a place to stay during the university year commuting from England is September, that’s one of the reasons I ended up in this overpriced hole.

Roommate caught me in the kitchen again, I put a potato in the microwave while he was out but he returned too quickly, went out to grab it when he went back to his room but then he came out again. The silence was uncomfortable so struggling to a conversation topic I mentioned the police forensic search of my laptop and how CP thumbnails on /sp/ get saved to the cache, how this would give them the wrong idea and result in the search taking longer. Didn’t get a response. He also jumped me at breakfast, mentioned I got a job at McDonalds. These poor conversations are my fault, I don’t know where to go with them but he is more at fault for cornering me. Also mentioned I didn’t want to renew my lease. That wasn’t true, I think I said it because I didn’t think he would want me to renew my lease so I removed the painful and embarassing option of having to ask him.

Having some issues completing the McDonalds online orientation stuff, emailed a sibling to do it for me. Believe it is an issue of having no Java on my tablet.

Dad called at night, told him I wouldn’t be coming home at. the end of may when my lease ends as I now had a job, he offered to come visit me, guess I was wrong, he does care about me. Wasn’t too impressed about the job though, said the same stuff as usual, there is nothing for me up here, there are jobs and creature comforts back home. Asked if I wanted to switch solicitor, I said no. Was hit hard by the revelation he was maybe genuinely concerned about me so I agreed to come home for a weekend at some point.

No contact from McDonalds today, worried I missed something from the induction.


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. “What are you having on your jacket potato?”

    In all seriousness though, glad to hear you’re not doing too badly. I got the impression that your dad probably cared more than you thought.


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