Today is Saturday

Roommates Ribena bottle disappeared from the kitchen a while ago but made a short reappearance when he had company over. I don’t think he is aware of the allegations I urinated in one of his juice bottles but instead he is cautious because he knows I stole a few cups of his drink more recently. A shame, I really like Ribena.

Sister called yesterday, she didn’t believe me when I told her I had a job at McDonalds, I didn’t bother to correct her. I’m lot lying by letting her assume what she wants and I took care of my responsibility by making a modest attempt at informing her.

The McDonalds branch called me in the morning while I was still in bed, was told my first shift would be early on Monday, on the front counter (if all of that was alright with me), I went along with it. I don’t like any of this at all, I don’t like starting in the early morning through the rush hour at lunch, I don’t like working the front, interacting with customers, I wanted to work in the back, in the kitchen, might need a small drink to get through this. The woman who called me was not native English speaker, I think that makes for half the employees at this particular McDonalds foreign born, not happy that the only reason I got the job was because I could speak the language fluently, I liked thinking I had earned this but conversely I am not happy that there will be expectations of me to be more competent and to work the front counter more efficiently. Hopefully I am selling myself short and simply by doing what comes natural to me I will be one of the top performing employees.

Still playing Hearthstone, little less since I am not going to spend real money and I don’t like getting thrashed by people with better cards. I’m saving up gold to buy wings of the solo adventures.

Still only masturbating once a day, in the morning.

Roommates brought friends over, they stayed around pretty much the entire day. Wasn’t able to use the kitchen again after breakfast, I think they were watching Battle of the Nations at first. The girl among them is dumb as a sack of rocks, every time she is over, half a dozen things need explaining to her, today it was who Katie Hopkins was and a few days ago I am certain I heard my roommate explaining which party was in power and who Nick Clegg was. She isn’t even attractive, does have a posh accent though. My roommate is clearly not her bf, he is just a beta orbiter, as is that guy who once made fun of me. Feels good to know they are arguably even more pathetic than me. There was a period the group was split up, the bulk of the gang was in the kitchen with the door closed, I used this opportunity to leave and get food from Asda which I could eat in my room along with a bottle of Lucozade to quench my thirst.

Took a look at flat shares in the area, there are quite a lot, spoilt for choice, many students are leaving for home over the summer break. Might start making contact via email tomorrow. Hope I can get around having to explain my circumstances to my new roommates and that 5th time is the charm with regards to making friends with my living companions.


5 thoughts on “Today is Saturday

  1. You should have told that mcdonalds person that you prefer to work out back. 99% of people avoid confrontation. Just tell people what you prefer and you’ll usually get it.


  2. your a faggot you know why

    you think your better than people who dont speak english

    ive been keeping up with your blog since you posted on 4chan a while ago because your a failure of a human and a trainwreck

    but your wrong about being better than foreign workers your trash your self.


    • I meant specifically in the context of working at McDonalds. It’s a basic job that relies heavily on basic skills such as communication ability, something which a native English speaker would obviously be assumed to have an advantage at.


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