“Thank you very much, it’s much appreciated”

Woke up after noon, the water in the shower was freezing, in about half an hour I only got 1 minutes worth of hot water, very angry about this, especially as I could hear my roommate and his female friend (who seemed to have stayed over) chatting and laughing. Felt like banging the shower head against the tiles. He certainly deserves a little payback after this, hot water is the least I should expect.

Started looking for places to move once my lease is up, I replied to a few via email and text, I hate this, only worth replying to the ones losted in the last 24 hours due to the volume of interest and I never know how to respond, not sure what the advertiser is looking for, 3 got back to me. One didn’t reply after I responded to his reply, another one turned out to be a Nigerian couple with a kid, at this point I can be picky so I dropped them, the last one though exchanged a few messages with me and we arranged a viewing. The room was very cheap for Aberdeen, less than half the price I am currently paying, really wanted it. I plotted my route on a map, changed my clothes, deodorant and I was off. It was interesting seeing parts of the city I hadn’t visited before, the street was a bit rundown but I didn’t care, just want somewhere to put my head down for another year.

Tall, skinny guy answered the door, showed me around, didn’t take long, he answered questions without me asking them such as the ones regarding broadband and bills so when asked if I had any other questions I was a bit stumped, this, I think is the moment when prospective roommates distinguish themselves, I asked a few questions about the other roommates, he seemed like a nice guy, he was watching Always Sunny, probably should have made a comment on that.It felt warm in the flat, I sweated quite a bit. One of the roommates returned with a friend, a black girl from France with a white male. She was quite pretty, well proportioned, I could not get a conversation going with her, didn’t know where to start it was just hellos and smiling. I asked how much interest there had been in the room, 4 other viewings today, no chance I get it. The hunt goes on though I am not entirely sure how these people even decide who to offer their advertised rooms to, this guy was renting out his room as he was leaving so he wouldn’t care of I was a warm personality. It was not a good experience, I was muttering things to myself on the empty streets back home.

Made a trip to Asda, milk racks were almost empty, only a few bottles left on the bottom row, in the back. A whale was reaching back to grab one, I passed by, made eye contact with an old woman standing behind her and then continued to watch the whale struggle to even lay a fingertip on the milk bottles with her piggy arms. I crouched down, grabbed a bottle, said “here” in an assertive voice and waited for her to grab her undeserved prize, she replied with a “thank you very much, it’s much appreciated”, it was nice to hear that, made me feel like my existence is a good thing. I pulled out a bottle of milk for myself and left.

Tried a different flavour of hummus, didn’t like it.

McDonalds tomorrow, haven’t prepared, not sure how to but surely I can’t mess this up, less being than I seem to have been able to carve out successful careers under the golden arches. A guy was posting about taking a photo of me working, I couldn’t care less, I enjoy the attention though his reasoning bothers me, he claims to be a whiteknight.

Will need to shave tomorrow morning, got quite a bit, will hurt and bleed, need an early start.

Surge in the number of hits from Poland is curious.


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