I’m Loving it (100% Pure normie)

Got a quest on Hearthstone where I had to watch a friend win a game, went over to the general on/vg/ and found a buddy. He was just finishing up a win and said that I could help him too, got a bit nervous since my cards are almost entirely common. I get down to it and play an absolute thriller of a game, one more turn and I would have lost, won due to topdecking the perfect card. Unfortunately the match dragged on for quite a while, ai was worried about arriving late to my first shift at McDonalds.

Arrived not a moment too soon, I was given my uniform which I then put on proudly, gives a sense of belonging and it’s bright, clean, makes me feel fancy. The cap too, ai don’t own any caps but I like wearing them. Was told a twink would be my trainer, he didn’t even look capable of growing facial hair, I would player learn he was only 17 years old. I should have felt pathetic but I didn’t have it in me,he treated me with a good amount of respect, some wry smiles here and there but for the mssot part he was friendly, helpful and behaved in such a way to maximise my success in my assigned role. There was this health and sefety questionaire which we sort of glossed over, gave me the necessary 100% mark to pass despite only touching on a few questions and not giving complete answers, sometimes he would just read the answer out without asking the question.

I was shown around the back, told about operations, can’t say I took a lot of it in, I’m a kinetic learner. I’m not on cleaning so it doesn’t matter what the red/blue mops, sanitisers and cloths are for. Various types of Asians, Poles and whales all over the kitchens and front, friendly bunch mind, again they all helped me out, shot me a smile or more at some point, found it odd the prettiest girl was working in the kitchens.

I worked the front counter, the tills, shit started off like that “Come Fly with Me” sketch, customer would order, the twink would tell me to ask a question back, then he would me to hit the corresponding button on the register (the name of the food ordered), he was a bit too quick to step in, I needed to familiarise myself with the layout and menu. He must have thought I was dimmer than I actually was. There was one moment Inp saw him smirk after checking my order because he was surprised I had gotten it right, felt proud of myself. Generally enjoyed taking orders, the customers are all very friendly, patient, I can pretend to be someone, they expect it and they smile and play along. I loved being forced into short one off harmless interactions with multiple people across the day, there were no consequences, less pressure and the dialogue was mostly scripted, this really took the edge off. Even had a bit of light banter with the clientele, like having a new best friend every other minute. There were a few fuck ups but nothing major, little mistakes, cringe thinking back to entering the wrong figure on the till or insisting the customer have me a £5 not a £20 but nothing came of them, the customers understood it could be a difficult job and offered me words of encouragement.

Got a free meal, loved it could certainly get used to this. I took my break and ate with the twink, we sat in a corner, I placed my tray down and noticed at the table behind us the two Muslim girls who were friendly with that Polish girl, they likely noticed me first, I didn’t even notice them at. the counter, I might have even served them. I needed to go the bathroom anyway so I excused myself before even sitting down, they were gone by the time I got back. I am curious what they know, what has been said about me, what they were talking about, will they tell the Polish girl that they saw me here, do they pity me?

It was only a 5 hour shift, I could have gone longer, I was genuinely disappointed to leave. Stared at myself as little while I was washing my hands, could have done a better job of shaving. Only got two more shifts this week, will move onto five next week. Want to also get night shifts but my trainer is a kid and so he legally is not allowed to do night shifts, so I can’t either until I graduate from under his tutelage. My throat getting dry and now sore was the largest issue I had with the day.

Watching “One Pace” in my spare time, it’s three episodes of One Piece stitched into one to cut out the filler, it’s entertaining, feels likes the glory days are back. Got another line on a place, not getting the last one, saw the advert had been reposted.

Zero hits from Poland today, that’s even more suspicious.

Life is good.

Haven’t been feeling the need for this blog to exist for a while, will give it a rest until I fall into despair again.


3 thoughts on “I’m Loving it (100% Pure normie)

  1. You should probably not call your co-worker a twink on here. Given the allegations against you, the somewhat sexual nature of the word twink, and the fact that this blog might become personally identifying at some point it could get you in some hot water with your employer if they took it the wrong way. At least till the allegations are sorted out.
    I just don’t them to fuck you for something dumb like that because it sounds like this job has been really positive for you.

    Also don’t stop bloging Ribena. At first I was following your blog because it was so depraved but know I’ve become genuinely curious about the life and times of Ribena.


    • Thanks but I can’t help that it doesn’t bother me that I have no friends and likely never will, or that I have no career prospects or that I will more certainly die a HHKV unless I pay someone. I am content with life right now. I don’t even get pissed off at my roommate being loud, that’s just life and I am happy to take it all, I really don’t feel anything anymore.

      No daily updates. Expect something at the end of the month, if not then I was arrested and the court took away my internet access.
      Or maybe I’ll just do short entries now and again like I used to dp. Getting more hits kinda shook me up, I like attention but I don’t like expectations.


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