That’s it

Just sat in bed watching a few things, playing a little Hearthstone, got some free card packs which was nice.

And that was my day, had cereal, a banana, hummus and 3 chocolate spread and peanut butter sandwiches, I expect this to be my regular for some time. Lost my taste or Lucozade.

Heard people laughing outside, they must have been having a good time. Doesn’t bother me at all that I have no friends anymore, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t, it’s good that I am not in pain but it’s bad that I can’t understand how dire my situation is, this stops me from gaining the motivation to change it.

Looking forward to picking up more shifts at McDonalds, I want to throw myself into my work.

My McDonalds cap has a girls name written on it in pen, I like that for obvious reasons, feels like I am being allowed to express myself in public.


7 thoughts on “That’s it

  1. Is Hearthstone worth getting into if I’m a poorfag and won’t be spending any money on it? I started to download it but then cancelled as I figured those who could buy cards/packs with real money would just beat me.


    • You’re right, I know because I don’t spend money on it either. It’s a card game, the “fun” is in collecting and grinding, not just battling. It’s not worth getting into unless you need a distraction/obsession in your otherwise empty life. There are better games in existance (I am limited to this sinnce I only have a tablet) and the meta is fucking awful.

      Go for it if you like card games and have nothing else on
      Don’t go for it if you’re looking for a good video game


      • Yeah thanks, I think I’ll pass. I have a huge backlog of games I should be going through anyway.


  2. Hi, I noticed you keep mentioning ‘hits from Poland’ – that’s probaby just me. Someone posted the link to your blog in a comment on /r/4chan in April, and I’ve been following your blog since then. So you don’t need to freak out, the hits from Poland are probably just me and have nothing to do with that chick you ‘stalked’.

    Also, I’m curious what did you do to piss off your ex-roommate? I must have missed the post where you explained it.


    • Not admitting to anything. Just repeating the accusations levied against me by the police: I posted her Facebook pics alongside creepy stalkerish and sometimes offensive comments on 4chan. She was made aware of this and reacted how you would expect.

      There was also something involving recording her in the bathroom and sharing the nudes on 4chan.

      Can’t really get into it since the investigation is ongoing.


      • Is the ex-roommate also the girl you have classes with? I thought you were accused by the girl you had classes with and the ex-roommate was pissed at you for something else.


      • Two different girls, allegedly posted shit about both of them (months apart) both reported me to the university on the same day, I am told. I am not entirely sure how it went down on their end, it’s quite frustrating.


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