Back up

Internet went out yesterday boiler is still out.

The quality of talent I saw during my walk a few days ago was very low but still good enough to upset me. Saw a girl from uni too, she was arguably the fittest one in the class, bit of a manly face and deep voice but it works. She looks a little repulsed to see me, she must know. Drives me crazy not knowing what people are thinking.

Yesterday at McDonalds was fine, still not quite mastered the till, I make a few mistakes here and there, usually in relation to special orders. A guy called me “boss”, I considered it weird since I thought it was something an employee would say to a customer. A fairly cute female customer with silver hair (dyed, obviously) was on her phone for a while before ordering. When she came to the counter she ordered a McFlurry and a teardrop ran down her cheek. I didn’t say anything, lad I was working with made a joke, I just replied factually. A couple of girls from uni visited the store, the were among the least attractive in my class, I didn’t serve them, not sure if they noticed me, don’t care.

I am doing very well interacting with customers, I feel, but I can’t converse with my work colleagues at all, it’s a shame since they are very friendly and I think working the tills is an easy job and I will be moved to the back eventually. It’s obvious to me why I am in this situation, the relationship between myself and the customers is easy to understand, clear bounderies, and our interactions are very short and one off occurrences. I am just reading of a script there are few variation and stock replies for just about everything, I struggle when the customer goes too far off script which is not often. Workmates on the other hand, I don’t understand our relationships, I know where I want to be, I see them talking and laughing with each other, that’s what I want too. I don’t know now to get there and I’m worried about the door closing, just like during my placement, people will give up on me eventually. People are nice enough there are a lot of workers here and more than a few have extended hands of friendship but I’m shrugging them off because I’m incapable of reacting in any other way. Most of people working here, seem to be kids, they have terrible acne, might be one of the reasons I can’t connect

When I got home I encountered my female roommate in the kitchen, she told me the internet was out, I told her I already knew, she told me the boiler was out, I responded “I figured”. Reflecting, I should have responded by mentioning how annoying the situation was, that’s probably what a normie would have done.

Today at McDonalds was better in some ways, worse in others. There was an angry customer, he said he was very unimpressed with me, I confused him apparantly. Two coworkers told me not let it get me down. One of them, working besides me, was a Chad, it was intimidating, he introduced himself to me, I didn’t have much else, was on my toes for a while. Was quite busy today and I still haven’t mastered talking orders and collecting them, my trainer, the 16 year old, I got the impression he was a little ticked off at my incompetence at one point. I would appreciate a little more rope to play with, I’m a sink or swim kinda guy, I am not going too get anywhere with training wheels.

There are at least five Polish girls working here, one who was hired at the same time as me, the gap toothed one, there is a chubby one who has worked besides me on the tills during all my shifts, she is very nice to me, a decent looking one in the kitchen, she is cold, another nondescript one worked the tills today, neither of us took the initiative to speak to each other, I think she is fairly new, wasn’t doing much talking to anyone, the last one is actually a shift manager, not sure how she attained that rank, if I was a more crude individual would suggest, ah never mind, she wears tights which is nice, she also has a decent figure, most of them do, is tall, again most are but she has absolutely terrible skin, very blotchy, does smile a lot though so she seems like a warm personality, someone you will like to know. She has a legion of beta orbiters, felt bad that I was given the cold shoulder. We did work together for a short period, felt relations thawed and again at the end of my shift when she said I could leave, think there might have been a smile.

We are told to suggest to customers that they buy “motzerella dippers”, I struggled with this, received suggestions on how to improve my game and then somehow sold all of mine and then some by the end of my shift, I was entitled to a ” prize”, could take anything home with me. I went with a simple McFlurry as most of the sales came via the customer already having declared their intention to buy the dippers and not my crafty salesmanship. My trainer congratulated me and expressed pride, this is now my proudest accomplishement and will likely find it’s way to my CV.

I think the crew managers are great too, very nice, very helpful, they are all older than myself, I feel more comfoetable when they help me out.

I don’t have any shifts for next week, I didn’t enquire, the lady who usually sorts it out wasn’t in today.


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