Small World

Messaged a guy I knew from first year of uni on Facebook for strange reasons (I was looking for info regarding some detective work). He said he heard some news and was aware of my current situation, asked if I was fine, he wasn’t here to judge and he was prepared to listen to me. I appreciated this very much though at first he seemed no different to a 4chan poster but then I realised he was more of a real human being and he saw me as a real person, so he might have a different perspective. Told me he read my /r9k/ posts and blog though he was a redditor, said he didn’t post on /r9k/, must have seen it on that r/4chan post assuming he isn’t lying. Invited me to have coffee with him to tell my side of the story. I want to know how he heard about me or connected the dots. I’m a bit past talking, I went through most of my emotions regarding this mess last month. I want to hear his take on me. He could very realistically be the friend I have been searching for so I want to give this a go, will message him when the boiler is fixed and I can shower. My course had around 80 people on it, I wonder what the odds are on them naturally coming across my posts. Probably higher than I think since he is aware of me and whoever d0xed the girls, small world. Wonder how many people who have read this blog “know” me?

I doubt he figured it out all on his own though, he probably heard from the Polish guy who I thought was my friend, I posted “happy birthday” on his wall, he ‘liked’ the birthdays wishes sent to him by everyone except me.

Little worried the guy is setting some kind of trap for me.

Didn’t sort out out any shifts for McDonalds for next week, wasn’t sure who to speak to regarding that. Will just wait to be called then before I get back to work. Not that I want to return, being in that environment agitates me.

Got very tired very early today despite just sitting in bed all day. Watched JoJo, SNL and skimmed UFC. Only having one mmeal after breakfast now, just not hungry enough.

Will call a local GP tomorrow regarding joining and getting prescribed benzos or something.

Mum and sister called, I didn’t really talk during the 9 minute call, they spoke about my birthday, coming home and working at McDonalds as if everything was normal. I didn’t have anything to say to them.


One thought on “Small World

  1. I suffered from anxiety for many years. My voice shook, I avoided human interaction, couldn’t look people in the eye. life was hell!

    was prescribed anti-anxiety meds. Took 4 weeks to really kick in (although did make some difference immediately). I now manage social relationships effortlessly, landed a great girlfriend and receive a promotion at work.

    this is a simple solution to your problems matey


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