Going Well

Been told multiple times now I need to smile more and I come across as nervous and confused while working at McDonalds. Not a new phenomenon, I’ve been told these things throughout my life. I don’t see the more veteran employees smiling often when they work the counter, I feel as if I come across as much more pleasant than them. There are a group of 4 kids who come in fairly frequently and order a large meal, today I referred to them as “lads” and they all remarked on how nice I was was, “too nice” even. I regret not letting them know how much I appreciated the compliment.

Talked to my collegues on the front counter, they initiated, one asked me a few general questions, went fairly well until we spoke of football, I said “I don’t know why Scotland even has a league”, he was clearly offended by the statement, a few minutes later I tried to give my comments a more acceptable slant. I spoke the way I did because that would be they type of response you would expect on /sp/. Also get ashamed and defensive whenever I am asked who I support, feel like I need to bring up I have only been following football for a few years and on this occasion I told the story of how I lost money betting on City. He is a great guy, there were quite a few over 18s working today, felt much more comfortable around them. Another coworker noted from my accent that I must be from Manchester (peculiar as I was often told I did not sound like a Manc but a pretentious twat), I said something about peadophiles being common in my town, he still mistook it for another town. A few hours later I followed up with and initiated an interaction by saying “you guessed something about me, know I’m going to try guessing something about you, do you post on 4chan?”, he didn’t know what it was. I thought he did because he mentioned UKIP and Rotherham a couple of phrases that were popular on /brit/ over the last month. It wasn’t the last interaction we had, I had no problem speaking to the guy professionally later in the day.

I felt like I was waiting a while too long for a particular meal to be prepared so I repeated my order to the kitchen (as I am told you are supposed to do), the Lithuanian girl kinda snapped at me, she didn’t seem angry, she thought I was mildly annoying or too involved, something like that, think I saw a smile, thing she might have been amused, glad to have had that interaction with her, maybe now she sees me as a regular colleague. I don’t hate her, just feel uncomfortable around her, may have overheard she will be taking 2 months out. Her skin looks terrible irl, ridiculous levels of alterations must have been involved with her stunning photographs, do many art students use themselves in their works? Decent looking girls would have an easier time of the courses then I imagine.

The gap toothed Polish woman/girl finally had a shift during the same time as myself, she is still undergoing training, we spoke, she initiated and I kept a bit of as relay going. Felt good, that’s all I ever wanted, someone who I noticed to notice me back. She had a big smile plastered across her face all day, it comes easy for her. She also remembered a few details about myself from orientations. Wonderful individual.

For the most part I was allowed to get my own orders after taking them but towards the end of my shift I was being babied again, probably not as reflection on me but just because it was fairly busy. Still making as few mistakes here and there but nothing major, don’t care about wasting food as the mark up is massive.

My feet hurt, will treat myself to new shoes.

No shift tomorrow, will deliver the GP registration form.


5 thoughts on “Going Well

    • It’s the only place I have ever seen discussion of Scottish football take place, didn’t know what else to say. It was either parrot /sp/ or give him my own opinion which was the same.


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