Rare Day Off

Thought I had already posted,some error must have occurred. Got it out of my system now so short version.

Yesterday at work, 2 other people went on break at a similar time to myself, one of which was the Lithuanian girl, they didn’t sit next to each other which indicted that people either like solitude during their lunch break or that not everyone is friends with each other. I like to assume both, especially the latter.

Wish the Police would arrest me at work or someone involved with my court case would visit, would make me more interesting to my colleagues, grab their attention and give us something to talk about for a while.

Looked through a few Facebook pages for the first time in a while, it is depressing, generic stalker feelings, I don’t like feeling this way and don’t want to feel this way.

Got 3 flat viewing set up. Went to one today. Guy wanted to talk, get to know me, reminded me how boring I am.

Ate crisps and drunk Pepsi, feel sick.

Watched Eurovision semis, depressing, reminds me of this time last year.

Played a bit oof Hearthstone, I have a friend, we exchange a few messages and help each other compllete a certain type of quest on occasion.

The place where I spend most of my day has really fucked with my head, I realised this watching Frankie Boyle do a show, I shouldn’t be so dismissive of pro-immigration and anti-racism rhetoric. It’s not normal.

Asda didn’t have size 8 shoes.


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