Better and Better

Work is still going well, felt like a member of the team today, bit of small talk, some smiles, the girls have warmed to me, people asking if I need anything but talking to me like I’m competent, my trainer and I get on better now that the cord has been cut. We had a funny interaction when I asked for a cheeseburger with just the meat patty, he said “you mean a hamburger?” and smiled. The gap toothed Pole is too nice and smiley, it’s all fake, not an issue though as I respect her for keeping it up. Also now know why their are so many Poles employed, there are a lot of Polish customers who barely speak the language. I made the landwhale on fries smile a few times and laugh once, made a joke about Countdown. Very happy at work, just want to do a good job and get on with everyone.

When I got back, roommate and his friends (several of them) were in the living room watching Eurovision, I love the show, too much to watch it half way in so I haven’t seen it just yet. Not sure how my ex-roommates get together with her friends went when she watched Eurovision last year but I imagine it was far different to this, so it isn’t dragging back painful memories, I am sure the show will do that on it’s own when I finally get around to watching it. I do wonder though what she is doing right now, is she with her friends again or back home? If I had one wish, I would exchange it to watch Eurovision with her.

Still flat hunting, saw two today, the first was very autist friendly, no living room. The guy showing me around was Chinese probably. I was able to talk well to him. I’ve known this for a while and it’s an existing theory, it’s easier to speak to people I deem to be inferior (or equal) to myself. I wouldn’t say race necessarily plays a part in this, a Chad (or normie – non-beta) of any race can get me to curl up into a ball.

Never had too view so many places before getting a room before, sure to get some offers soon.


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