Better Still

Not what is okay to write here since my rights seemingly end where others feelings begin. This is not intended to cause fear and distress, if my writings have previously caused you pain then please do not continue reading. I don’t mean to sound bitter, I apologised and acknowledged my faults earlier, I just don’t want to get remanded. These are just observations and an attempt at analysis.

There was an odd sight while working at McDonalds today during the lunchtime rush, I saw the Polish girl from my class. She was standing at the edge of the counter being served by someone else along with her hambeast work colleague, it turns out she works in the vicinity of the McDonalds I work at. Unfortunately I missed hearing her deliver her order.

I saw her and she saw me, she had a really smug look on her face, I liked it, no sure what exactly it meant though. Possibly she was gloating at what she had “reduced” me to, I am having the time of my life, this experience had bettered me and I have since become as more complete and functional human being. Her expression may also have been saying “small world” or something less pragmatic such as a reference to the red knot of destiny.

I initially took it to mean the former and glanced aggressively at her shirt implying that she was no better off than myself. She shrugged and continued to look pleased with herself. During the whole altercation I was not smiling, right now especially it is difficult to smile as I have injured part of my mouth while brushing my teeth.

Feeling like the whole thing was just banter and that’s what she has come to accept the blog and thread was. If not for my bail conditions I think we could have used this as a bonding experience, maybe after the trial if she is still working in the same place.

Probably sounds like I deliberately got a job there to stalk her proper, just a coincidence, just working at the only place that will hire me. Saw a guy from uni pop by too, he smiled, I think we are on good terms.

Not a great day at work, need to learn people who are helping me with my orders aren’t babying me, they are trying to improve efficiency. Girl I worked with touched my arm as she clocked off, she has consistently been nice to me, repeatedly tried to make conversation, I have failed on my end. Work is not going that well anymore, people twice had to explain procedures to me after becoming frustrated at what I was doing.

Got a room, it’s in a better location and cheaper. Reflecting on my conversations with one of the existing tenants my identity now revolves around working at McDonalds,it’s a step up from what I was before.

Got to rank 14 on Hearthstone, beat people who had clearly either put money, hundreds of hours and/or thousands of matches into the game.


One thought on “Better Still

  1. Hello mate, I found your blog on /r9k/ and I thought I’d say hello. I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying reading it. It’s really interesting to get your perspective on life. You’re a great writer, your style reminds me a little bit of Haruki Murakami. I hope you keep updating it, looking forward to further posts.


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