Still Going

Applied for quite a few jobs today, all various forms of retail, I expect multiple calls back. Noticed a few more vacancy adverts about but didn’t have enough CVs on hand, will do visit those places tomorrow.

Bought a take-away for the first time while here, not sure why, I was feeling good, not sure why that was either. The cost was extortionate, I usually spend that amount on dinner for 6 days (£6.50).

‘Registered’ with the landlord of the place I am moving to and met the other flatmates. Hope there isn’t an issue with my status as a student. I got on very well with the other tenants, I suspect this is because I now have kicfe experience, I have things to talk about, I can chip into the conversations of others and I am not avoidant of social interaction out of shame of having no identity. I told my story about getting fired from McDonalds 3 times, an edited version ofcourse.

I know better now, won’t be talking shit about my new roommates, they seem like a fine couple of lads.

For a change I cornered my current roommate in the kitchen and asked him how he was before hitting him with my ‘fired from McDonalds’ story again. Didn’t get much out of him, just some generic groaning and “oh, dears”.

Still need to wash and return my uniform to receive my £20 deposit.

Confirmed now the detective isn’t my pal and was never sympathetic towards me. Always knew but tried to convince myself otherwise. Also been confirmed this blog is being monitored, it’s good to know I haven’t said anything worthy of getting myself remanded.

The one I need to watch out for is being perceived to be attempting to intimidate the witnesses.


18 thoughts on “Still Going

  1. seriously though, you filmed your roommate taking a shit with a camera hidden inside a watched and then posted her on /r9k/

    how could you think in any way that she would have anything but hatred towards you after that?

    you deserve a year in jail to think about what you have done and learn that every action does have a reaction

    you are far from a good person


    • He’s getting charged for it so he’ll get his punishment. However, he seems to actually actively try to better himself now. Of course you can’t expect that his victim and others involved should now be BFF with him, but if they’re actively trying to keep him down then they’re not really better themselves. They should wait out the trial in september, if his sentence is too mild for their taste I guess then they can go against him again. For now it would be the best imo if they leave him alone and vice versa. The damage’s been done.


  2. Fuck whatever some people are saying; I don’t really care what you did in the past. I really enjoy reading your posts, and I’m interested to see where it goes.

    It’s nice to see you hanging in there and making progress towards living normally. That said, I can’t help but wonder how your current circumstances change you as a person. Has all of this been a humbling experience? I see you’re learning important lessons with regard to dodging bullshit (you shouldn’t get fired for anonymous references to people based on description alone. They’re insulting themselves by putting their names to it), at least.

    Either way, just know that I think you’re pretty cool, Poleaboo. Being honest doesn’t make you a shitty person.


  3. >For a change I cornered my current roommate in the kitchen and asked him how he was before hitting him with my ‘fired from McDonalds’ story again. Didn’t get much out of him, just some generic groaning and “oh, dears”.
    You’re an absolute madman, ribena.


  4. Ever thought about joining the Military Poleaboo? if you liked taking orders at McDonalds it seems like you would enjoy it, and it eases off a lot after you finish boot camp, plus no girls to worry about aside from prostitutes to fuck whenever you need to get off. A hell of a lot more respect too compared to McDonalds.
    a few years might be just what you need, British Military pays really well too.


  5. I’ve always imagined you to be quite portly but your takeaway comment reminded me of the previous times you mentioned your diet and now I can only assume that you’re a walking talking skeleton.


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