NEET Life day 4

Didn’t think I had much drive left but I applied to a few jobs again today. The library really is comfy.

There was a comic book convention goon, saw a fat Harley Quinn, a skeleton Hawkeye and Black Widow with no curves. If I’d known about it earlier I might have attended, it was free, never been to something like this before but I imagine everyone goes with friends so it probably wasn’t a friend making excursion that I missed out on, just new life experience in general.

Not heard back from the jobs I applied to, probably because it’s the weekend. Maybe next week. Lease ends on the 31st, not sure if I’m expected out tomorrow or June 1st, little anxious about that, stress leads me to masturbate more, today was the first time in a month or so that I masturbated twice in one day (I fell to one/zero after my arrest).

Will go home sometime next week and stay there for a while, wait for replies and for jobs to respawn.

Need to clean this room and wash my clothes before I leave this place.

I’m NEET but I’m not depressed, it’s too soon to worry. If I apply to enough jobs I’m sure to get something.


17 thoughts on “NEET Life day 4

  1. >fly to Bangkok, Thailand – 600 pounds return from london
    >Set yourself up in luxury 4 star hotel in redlight district – 20 pounds p/n
    >take your pick of the hundreds of sweet young Thai girls that literally beg you to fuck them from outside your hotel and at every nearby bar – 25 pounds p/d
    >eat like a king at the finest restaurants, get chauffeured around like a feudal lord in taxis, spent the day getting massages and visiting the sights – 25 pounds p/d

    Cost of a 1 month life changing experience that you will remember forever? 3000 pounds. You don’t need a visa, fuck your new lease – be spontaneous and leave tomorrow


  2. I have a few questions for you poleaboo and I hope you answer them.

    1. Have you grasped the irony that this blog, intended to help you improve your life, has ended up essentially completely ruining it? I.e. it’s led to you getting fired from McDonalds, kicked out of university, arrested & facing prison? From a blog that you started to help you improve your life?

    2. Reading your blog, I can slightly relate. I’m bipolar, and when I’m normal & healthy I am absolutely nothing like you to be honest. However, when I’m depressed,I see a lot of similarities – I lose the ability to socialise, overthinking everything, I get so down I feel suicidal and hardly leave my room. When I’m manic I’m the opposite of you – I love socialising and do it constantly, its incredibly easy to attract friends, girls, I absolutely love my life, I act totally overconfident and alpha etc. You seem to have moments of clarity where you realize you’re pretty awful at socialising and see how bad your life situation is, but then you seem to have delusional; moments like where you say “Maybe I just don’t realise how charismatic I am” and wonder if girls you’ve never said a word to have a crush on you. Getting to the question – don’t you think it’s entirely hypocritical of you to label anyone a beta or an oribter when compared to you everybody you’ve ever meet is alpha as fuck? Do you ever realize you are the biggest beta on the face of the planet?

    3. Coffee isn’t the answer to your problems. No offence, your life seems to be as bad as it can be, you are in an awful, awful situation – why don’t you try real drugs? Why not take amphetamines or cocaine and maybe, just maybe you’ll see what its like to be a talkative and social human being? Or take heroin and feel some bliss to distract you from your awful life?

    Finally, this is more an observation than anything – normal people don’t analyze the conversations they’re having while they’re having them. They may go over them later when alone, but they’re fully “in the moment” when engaging someone in conversation, and this makes it a lot, lot easier than when you’re constantly evaluating the interaction as it’s going on, so maybe you should try that sometimes. Hope none of this came across as insulting, that wasn’t the intention as I truly feel really, really sorry for you and I hope your life gets better Hope you manage to answer my questions.


    • You are an idiot. Obviously his life could be much worse. He’s got a roof over his head and plenty of cash in the bank. One way he could quickly make his life worse is by becoming a heroin addict.

      You absolute retard. Fortunately I doubt Poleaboo will listen to your “advice”. He’s much more intelligent than you.


      • no the polish girl (who was working in the same building) had a restraining order against him and he couldn’t come within 200m


      • This is correct. The owner sounded as if he was going to give me a fighting chance before he had read the entirety (or more of) the blog.

        The situation with the Polish girl got the ball rolling but it wasn’t enough to get me fired.


    • 1. I am happier now than I was when I started the blog. Sure my life might seem to be in ruins from an outside perspective but in the short term, here and now things are better for me, I’m more mature, more energetic, less beta, less lonely and encountering new life experiences. Might not feel the same in a few months time.

      2. I’m an omega with alpha potential. The betas who I criticise are betas who have achieved their final forms. I look down on them because they lack self awareness, they can’t see how pathetic they are or they can and they are happy with their stations in life and continue playing their role. I know as I currently am/was that I’m a waste of skin, being able to admit that makes me better than the betas.

      3. Friend said we could do weed sometime. I’m not going to throw money away on short lasting kicks, I’m very frugal, when I worked my placement year in industry I only bought myself one thing, a 3DS and Pokemon.

      4. Can’t just tell someone to live in the moment. When I get a little drunk I start speaking a bit more freely but the things I say are a little weird.


      • >I’m an omega with alpha potential.
        >I look down on them because they lack self awareness

        Bit of irony here. No offense mate but you’re definitely never going to be an alpha. Luckily the alpha/beta dichotomy is complete bullshit in human beings and our social systems are infinitely more complex than a group of primates or a pack of wolves.


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