Packing up

Moving out tomorrow. Started packing and did some washing. Handed in a CV plus a few online applications. Found some crap in the drawers I had to throw away like rotted fruit and bread with mould.

The new landlord said if I had a change in circumstances then I could find someone to replace me on the lease. Not bad, if I fail to get a job within a month then I will give up on this place and go home for good. I like being an adult, I’m investing in renting a room in the hopes the gamble will pay off and I’ll find a job, if I don’t get one within a month, it’s time to cut my losses and try something else. I somehow have a sizeable amount of savings that I don’t want to eat to far into.

Filling up a suitcase is quite a saddening experience for me, memories of last year haunt me still.

When I was walking back from the city centre, two girls in a car stopped and called me over. It was raining but I moved to remove my hood until I realised how that was not appropriate, the girls asked how to get to a certain location. I pointed and said “further down”, not sure if I said it as clearly or as loudly as I thought. Heard one of the girls scoffing as I promopty walked away after feeling I had answered their question.

Mum called, said it would be nice to have me home. Not sure why but I’m not as high on this place as I was a while ago. Really hope I get replies to my job applications tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Packing up

  1. Definitely a good move to avoid eating too much into your savings, but I’d advise you to claim JSA and housing benefit too. There’s no shame in it, most people have had to claim benefits for a short time at least one point in their life. I signed on for a month or two after leaving university, before I found a job.

    Don’t worry about all the horror stories about the dole office you read on r9k. Yes, they can be cunts, but only after you’ve been taking money for ages (2 months or more). Up to that point, they are very polite, because they understand it’s not just scumbags who claim. The scumbags are the ones who stay on it forever.


    • I’ve checked what I’m entitled to and it’s quite the princely sum. There is one reason big reason I don’t want to go through that and it’s not related to ethics. I’ll bring it up in a week or two if it becomes relevant.


    • “most people have had to claim benefits for a short time at least one point in their life.”

      Absolutely not true you delusional pikey dole dossing bastard.


      • Good on you. There’s no reason to hide in your room and not use the kitchen/bathroom. Remember, you too pay for the rent and are a resident, you have the right to use it just like the others.
        Anyway wish you luck with your job search and hope you get along with your new flatmates


    • I asked if it was okay to air out my dirty laundry regarding Geoff Cooper and he either misunderstood or purposely ignored my question, he told me not to contact the victims etc.

      He is telling me that he doesn’t care about anything other than the case at hand, he’s not here to help me with my legal queries, he’s just taking care of his own existing responsibilities.

      Working class but have a good bit of money to throw around on occasion, have 3 cars in the household, no issues with bills, father has said he would pay my way for my final year resit if student finance doesn’t cough up.


  2. Lad maybe go home and book a session with a therapist, it sounds like some meds would help you a lot. What were you studying at uni? Can you not transfer to another uni and continue?


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