Back up

Got an email for an interview at a retail outlet today, funny timing, I was in the middle of making a strawpoll regarding topics In should probably leave alone. Overjoyed by receiving this opportunity, the interview is on Saturday. Nothing means more to me right now than getting this job, I love how they contacted me despite having informed them of my upcoming prosecution on my application. People unusually shun me after they dig into my background.

The email came the day after I sent my application, it was the same thing with McDonalds iirc, so it’s safe to assume if the others haven’t gotten back to me yet they never will.

Not sure where my Chinese roommate has disappeared to.

The third roommate came by to drop off some stuff, he said “Is anyone home?” as he walked through the front door, I ignored him at first but later said hi and he notified me again when he was leaving. No banter, not sure what he wanted of me. It’s cold and the plug sockets are not well placed so I’m under my blankets on my bed shitposting on my tablet. Feel self conscious about meeting people when I’m trying to get comfy. He came by again later in the day but I ignored him this time, as he was leaving he said “If anyone is home, I’m leaving now”.

Went out to the supermarket, it’s not far but I ended up sweating a lot. Went to Saintsbury’s since I think it’s best I avoid the Asda for the time being (the McDonalds is near the entrance), unfortunately it’s more expensive, the only plus is that someone who I admire used to shop there.

Saw a WWE promo that resonated with my earlier feelings about being “broken”.

Having obtained two different jobs within the timespan of a month would make me feel very proud of myself. Pretty pathetic I got so down within a week of being NEET.

Father called again, expecting me to come home. I said I didn’t want to come home and relax, I wanted to work, he responded by actually telling me that working is a bad idea as I would no longer be eligible for legal aid and I have a lifetime ahead of me to work so what’s the rush?, decent arguments surprisingly, practical and philosophical. Got a bit more respect for him now but I didn’t like how he promoted the “easy” life back home, tempted to go along with it to spite him.


8 thoughts on “Back up

  1. good luck at the interview.

    When you tell your getting fired from mcdonalds story what reason do you give? do you go into detail about the polish girl shitting, police, uni suspension etc

    also, your previous flatmate sounds like he is going to try to scam you out of your bond. You weren’t required tongive notice so don’t stand for that shit


    • I just say I got caught making unflattering comments about a colleague and customers, the story changes a little from time to time, sometimes I say it was online, others in person.
      Small claims court, the McDonalds guy backed off when he realised I knew he was in the wrong and had enough power to take back what was rightfully mine.


  2. I hope you’re not staying in Aberdeen working pointless minimum wage jobs because you think you are still in with a chance with the polish girl. On the other hand you aren’t running home where everything will be served to you on a plate and you are trying to make your own path in life. It’s not easy but something will click eventually.


    • I NEVER thought I had a chance with either Polish girl, my thoughts regarding them were strictly non-sexual.

      Started getting a little stressed last year since it was my first time working a 9-5 job then this year with schoolwork being more difficult and an uncertain future.
      Certain types of peoplemfind escapism in “cute girls doing cute things” shows and waifus. That’s why I was obsessed with them, they just struck me, caught my attention, their existence made me happy and distracted me from all the other crap going on.

      They were something to focus on but it was unfair to them, I treated them like they weren’t real people.


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