New roommates parents are still around, I don’t know what the fuck that’s all about.

Needed to piss, no bottles, had to improvise, used one of those padded bubble wrapped envelopes. I have quite a few, bought them back when I sold some 3DS games. Also just realised I left a poster back at the old flat. Might ask for it back, my sister wanted it, she likes to play handheld Zelda games.

Will hand in my McDonalds uniform next week, hopefully after I get the job.

Watching a lot of Boardwalk Empire, got into into it after a while, still don’t think it’s very good.

A webpage I like to checkup on occasionally has gone down or perhaps it’s just issues on my end, this is distressing.


14 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I’m gonna guess the unnamed ‘joyous’ activity from yesterday was some sort of online interaction with the polish girl (the ‘shitter’, not the uni student)

    I’m also gonna hazard a guess that the website that went down and caused you distress was the ‘shitters’ same social media account.

    Presumably she closed her account after reading your blog and realizing it was you she was interacting with. This means you are both covertly monitoring each other!


    • My bail conditions forbid me from communicating with the ‘complainers’, I wouldn’t be so stupid to try to interact with either of them before the trial.

      Viewing her page everyday would be stalker-ish, cause her distress and get me locked up. That’s also something I either wouldn’t do or let her know In was doing.

      Without a doubt though she is reading my blog.


    • No. Going to ask my solicitor why it’s taking so long.

      Police don’t care about piracy, that’s civil law. I don’t know how illegal creep shots are and how they can tell apart ones I saved and ones I may have taken myself.
      There may also be some other stuff that is illegal under English law but not Scottish law.
      Probably just some random pics I saved that they thought they’d investigate further, like ISIS stuff off /pol/, possibly the odd underage slag and general degenerate stuff.

      Having Tor installed may have been a red flag.


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