Definitely Finished This Time

Didn’t go to the interview since I probably wasn’t going to get it. Thought it was SportsDirect, the emails were signed off by “Cruise”, assumed it was the parent company, turns out I had applied to another store under the umbrella, I would not shop there, thought that made me unfit to work there. I showered, shaved and got changed before realising my mistake.

Given up on the job hunt. Going to masturbate, play Hearthstone (rank 15, a decent Arena run and good quality newly constructed deck today) and watch Boardwalk Empire until it’s time to attend the doctors appointment. Feeling pretty down when I think about my situation, trying to distract myself with the aforementioned things.

Chad roommate brought his gf over, less annoying having to hear them through the walls than my previous roommate and his stuttering beta ass. Disposed of my piss envelopes, not having much difficulty going to the bathroom today. In the morning I was nervous and looked around a lot while going to the bathroom and accidentally peaked into my roommates room (to see if he could see me) and as we made eye contact I waved at him. I do not enjoy reliving that memory.

I just want to go home and eat some proper food now.

I tried acting like a mature adult, doing the proper thing, getting a job, staying positive when I lost the job and looking for a new one straight away, not running to mummy and daddy but I’ve failed, there aren’t any other moves left (other than Samson, but I’m not crazy enough for that, I’d just be doing it to push the gimmick if I did do it at this point).

Was hoping the police would get their second arrest out of the way while In was still up here, would be awkward in front of my family, I’d also rather be tried in Scotland than England. Contacted solicitor and detective to ask why it’s taking so long to charge me considering there had been a lot of alleged evidence against me before April even began.


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