Go Away

Someone suggested I look into getting a CSCS card so I can try taking on jobs as a labourer. It’s a little expensive, £150 or so when all is said and done, think I might go for it. You get a card to show off your qualification, I like that, would feel quite smug about having one. I feel working as a labourer is more respectable that working retail though the work is even more saturated by Poles but at least it’s Polish men and not women. Not really motivated to get a job, the CSCS card is more of a distraction, an excuse to put off looking for a job a while longer if I’m honest.

Heard my roommates talking about me, nothing malicious but I didn’t like their tone, felt some less pleasant stuff was being implied too but I’m not sure. Still no fucking idea why it’s okay for the Chinese guys parents to be here and when they’re fucking off. Will probably be more relaxed living here when they’re gone, there is always someone in the kitchen and I can always hear someone talking.

Looking through some Facebook pics (not a witness in my upcoming trial etc., nothing to worry about  detective), some real candid shit, intimate even, these normies don’t think anything of putting themselves in these situations and sharing the experiences. Always makes me feel more depressed than anything while going through peoples pics, on the verge of tears infact, it’s nothing personal, just resentment against normies is general about how they’re experiencing on a daily basis feels and worlds I’ll never know.


13 thoughts on “Go Away

    • I find that uncomfortable to address. Don’t know the answer myself, only have theories.

      1. I see Poles the same way that betas see East Asian women. Believe they’re more easily attainable than regular females.

      2. I genuinely thought/think Poles are great people. Probably due to only having met a few, all of whom were probably in the top 1% of Poles. Since learned they are not as wonderful as I thought but still generally extremely friendly (to your face)…..no, they’re just regular levels of friendly, they just seem more so because they make up a large portion of the few people I meet and after events I keep an eye out for them.

      3. Just physically attractive and exotic.

      4. Continuation of the alleged obsession with my ex-roommate.

      I’m aware of my problems and trying to sort myself out. Might have noticed the odd bit of anti-Polish sentiment, it’s forced, hoping it will help me find middle ground on my attitudes towards Poles.


    • Only recently realised I was heterosexual and even know I think there are plenty of other tools I have at my disposal to repel females. Never been too concerned about it, the small penis humiliation femdom videos never did anything for me, though out of curiousity I have been meaning to measure it for years.

      Pretty sure it’s below average.


    • I don’t have any plans for the next 15/16 months so I’d welcome being taken out of circulation for a bit, would be a change in scenery and at the very least the novelty should carry me for a while.


    • Until recently I couldn’t masturbate to anything other than femdom/sissy shit. I was not desperate for any kind of woman other than a dom.

      Need to remember I was not sexually attracted to those Polish girls, it was a waifu type thing or something like that, thought they were special and I took an interest in them, that’s all. Think I’m over that now though.

      Any female can get my dick hard by showing me some affection/kindness. Just want a non-fat gf tbh


  1. did that piss drinking faggot give you back your bond money yet

    did you have a /b/ folder on your PC that was taken by the police?


    • No, he hasn’t been in contact, need to wait for the final set of bills to come in so he knows exactly how much he owes me tbf.

      Didn’t have a /b/ folder but (not that it’s relevant) loli is not illegal in Scotland and I didn’t have any 3D CP. Various other kinds of pics I saved knight land me in trouble though I shouldn’t be specific about them.


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