Up, down, up, up

Got an interview for a job I applied to a few days ago. Event crew or something like that. I like the idea of being in that line of work, seems uncommon, would give me some more personality, also liked how it said the work was during “unsociable hours”, might mean the others who work are similar to myself and the competition low. I don’t have any of the desirable qualities so not sure bwhat my chances are like. Bought a cheap ticket home for the 18th, not sure what I’m playing at here either.

Feeling alright, just relaxing in my room all day watching Boardwalk Empire, my problems seem far away and rarely cross my mind.

Chinese roommates parents have finally gone, it took a while though, didn’t get my breakfast (Coco Pops) until half past 3, not a huge issue though since I woke up around 1. Had a frozen pizza and half a bag of tortilla chips and Doritos dip, felt sick.

Roommate asked other roommate if he wanted to help him do some gardening, didn’t ask me, I’m glad he didn’t as I would have been embarassed to answer the door and would have declined anyway. I am offended he didn’t bother asking though, mind it could be in this short time and the few interactions we’ve had he understands me well enough not to bother asking.

There’s a scale in the bathroom, I weigh 12 stone, I think that’s fine.

I shaved, look better with a beard, hope it grows out some by my interview on Friday.

Neither detective or solicitor have gotten back to me. Not happy about that’s they were likely only nice to me earlier because our interactions were space however now I can be perceived as a pest.

Very unhappy about being completely blocked by someone on Facebook, seemed needless and pointless, all it does is twist the knife. I don’t understand how someone could read everything I’ve written and hate me. Think I’m a creep or weird, sure but this feels like malice. Feel as if I’ve been misunderstood.


23 thoughts on “Up, down, up, up

  1. >Very unhappy about being completely blocked by someone on Facebook, seemed needless and pointless, all it does is twist the knife

    Crazy thought but maybe they blocked you because you’re a creepy, weird and probably dangerous individual who’s already facing trial for some fairly serious crimes. Perhaps normal people don’t want you to be involved with their facebook because you’ve spent so much time in the past stalking people through facebook and have used fake facebook identities to gain contact with people under false pretences.

    I mean, I could be totally wide of the mark here but it seems just possible that your own repugnant personality, criminal tendencies and penchant for stalking are the reason why this person blocked you. Ya think?


      • It’s not being done to “agitate you”. It’s being done because YOU are a DANGER to everyone else. When someone allows you access to their facebook, it is like allowing a child molestor access to a nursery.

        It hurts your poor little feelings that they’ve done this? Too bad. You’re a criminal, stalker and seriously mentally ill. You are a threat to anyone you come into contact with. Wise people would block you. Wiser people would get a restraining order. Wisest people would simply go out of their way to avoid meeting you in the first place.

        Until you take some responsibility for your repugnant behaviour, no-one can help you.


      • I did take responsibility over a month ago, I admitted fault and apologised but then bad things kept happening and people kept treating me like scum proving that they were bad people (too) and my situation wasn’t entirely my own fault, I was unfortunate to have gotten mixed up with some cruel, ignorant individuals


      • Dude, you seriously just wrote yesterday about how looking at normies norming it up in their pictures on Facebook pissed you off.

        Twenty four hours later someone deleted it and you feel, I don’t know, aggrieved? Irritated?

        You need external stimulation man. Apply for benefits and go buy a kite or something.


      • I don’t like a lot of things, being excluded is one of them.
        I might not want to play D&D for example but it would be nice to be asked instead of being secretly and silently quarantined


      • People having fun aren’t “excluding” you, especially since you devote extraordinary effort to excluding yourself.

        Are people magically supposed to understand when you’d like to be ask and when you’d mumble something about McDonalds uniforms and scurry away? You’re too autistic to pick up on any cues yourself, why do you assume that everyone else can read your mind?

        Like most notorious autistics though your main problem is your pathetic manbaby entitlement that makes you believe you’re deserving of every consideration while behaving like a nasty piece of shit.


  2. “I don’t understand how someone could read everything I’ve written and hate me”
    really? you really cant understand it?


    • Many feel I am worthy of some sympathy and I’m not a malicious guy, I like(d) most of the people who have treated me badly.
      It’s fine to be creeped out or disgusted be me but hate is not appropriate.


      • >Many feel I am worthy of some sympathy and I’m not a malicious guy

        Fuck me rigid. After the shit you’ve done, how can you have the gall to say that? You are clearly malicious. You’re a sick, depraved stalker. You’re a deviant. You’re a threat to everyone you come into contact with.

        These are not insults, son. These are simple objective statements of fact. You are the villain. If you ever want to get your life back on track, it has to begin with taking responsibility for what you’ve done instead of minimising it and crying about how you deserve sympathy. You do not deserve sympathy. You deserve prison.


      • You are a malicious guy. You stole a man’s drink then soiled the remainder with fermented urine you store in a jug. Your reason being that he didn’t invite you to play Dungeons and Dragons with him, a frankly feckless wish given that you admit you’d have most likely rejected his offer.
        You covertly filmed a woman going about her very personal business in your shared bathroom. Her crime? The misfortune of being your roommate and the audacity to not inexplicably fall in love with some strange mute man who stayed in his room and urinated into bottles. Even this blatant invasion of privacy wasn’t enough to satisfy your senseless feeling of being slighted by her. You took a further step in her humiliation and shared these disgusting videos with strangers on a popular image bored.
        You routinely berate those you meet in real life on this blog. You hold some baseless and bizarre sense of superiority while concurrently believing you deserve sympathy. While I do believe you are quite mentally ill, I cannot acquiesce to the thought of it providing you a free pass of this extremely malevolent behaviour.


      • It’s obvious who you are (don’t you have a business to run?)

        Regarding the stuff about my roommate, I never wanted or expected her to fall in love with me, I don’t know where you got that idea. Nor did I share any videos of her.

        Not being asked to play D&D while he has a game/small party going on through the wall is a dick move since he’s disrupting me he might as well asknif I want to join in, the only reason he didn’t was because he didn’t want me around.

        I’m not admitting to anything but the police believe the reason I allegedly filmed her in the bathroom was because she ignored my facebook friend request and she refused to wave/acknowledge me in public.

        I don’t berate people on here, I only describe them, there are no opinions, only facts. If someone is overweight, I call it so.

        I can see how you would come to those conclusions having limited knowledge of myself though you should have brushed up before firing me.


  3. poleaboo, you are an insightful and articulate guy. and you are not a bad person. far from it. you sometimes say you have no personality but I think this is way off the mark. you are complicated and interesting.

    are you somewhat of a cunt to people that cross your path? Yes. did you treat the polish girl unfairly? For sure. But there’s no malicious intent. You’re just not properly socialized atm!


  4. And is anyone actually suggesting that poleaboo should do HARD TIME for secretly recording someone doing a SHIT?!

    Enough what the faux moral outrage already you fools. What poleaboo did was basically just a stupid PRANK!!


    • >And is anyone actually suggesting that poleaboo should do HARD TIME for secretly recording someone doing a SHIT?!

      Yup. The procurator fiscal.

      >Enough what the faux moral outrage already you fools. What poleaboo did was basically just a stupid PRANK!!

      I refer you to the Sexual Offences (S) Act 2009, s1.9.


      • >Nothing I have ever done was sexually motivated

        Obviously stalking women online and taking pictures of them in the bathroom aren’t sexually motivated at all. My advice to you: stick with that line. When you get to court and the prosecuting advocate examines you, just shrug your shoulders and say “It wasn’t about the sex! I did it for the lulz!”. I can’t see how that would ever go wrong.

        Also be sure to mention to the fiscal that he needs to drop the charge of voyeurism. After all, as you say, since nothing you did was sexually motivated, he can’t charge you under the Sexual Offences (S) Act 2009. Right?

        You poor delusional solipsistic fool.


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